December 16, 2011

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Mare Performance, contratiempo, and Calles y Sueños copresent contratiempo member Rey Andújar's Antípoda.

Antípoda is a sound and text performance centered in rythm and cadence, giving words color and tonality through breathing and scene presence. The texts that form Antípoda are complemented with classic texts of authors such as Charles Bukowski and Federico García Lorca. Antípoda has been presented succesfully in Puerto Rico (Nuyorican Café/Librería Mágica/Festival de la Palabra), Santo Domingo (Casa de Teatro), and Miami (Museum of Contemporary Art).

Rey Andújar's solo performance piece combines politically charged spoken word in English and Spanish with expressive movement.  The performance includes designs by Mabel Manzano and sound by Nelson Rivera and Daniel Perez Amador.

Antípoda is part of "The Dramaturgy of the Author´s Body," an interdisciplinary project that combines corporeal mime and bilingual spoken word, creating a synergy between body, politics, and language.

Rey Andújar is a Dominican writer and performer. His literary work has won numerous awards. His novel Candela (Alfaguara, 2007) won the prestigious Pen Club of Puerto Rico. His short story collection Amoricidio received the prize for Young Authors FIL-RD 2007. Andújar is a Ph.D. candidate in Caribbean literature and is presently an editorial board member of contratiempo.

Recorded Friday, December 16, 2011 at Calles y Sueños.