Sears, other stores hope for shoppers on Thanksgiving Day

Against a backdrop of lackluster sales, Sears and other retailers plan to open on Thanksgiving Day.

November 24, 2010

By Ashley Gross

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This year, some retailers are hoping for a Black Thursday in addition to a Black Friday.

The economic slump is pushing some retailers to encroach on a once sacrosanct holiday. For the first time, Sears will open Thanksgiving morning. Sears spokeswoman Natalie Norris-Howser says this is a response to what customers want.

``Every opportunity they can take to check that one more thing off of their list, they’re willing to do,’’ Norris-Howser said.

But not everyone thinks it will yield much of a payoff.  Morningstar analyst Paul Swinand says it’s a gamble that he usually sees from retailers that are struggling.

``You might have just captured somebody you would have captured later in December anyway, so now you’ve spent more money to capture the same amount of sales in aggregate over the holiday period,’’ Swinand said.

Many Old Navy stores will open on Thanksgiving, but most retailers are waiting till Black Friday. Carson Pirie Scott hopes people will take a little catnap after digesting pumpkin pie and head out to shop at 3:00 am on Friday.