Bulls tour trophies instead of playing

November 17, 2011

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(WBEZ/Jennifer Brandel)
A Bulls' employee polishes the six championship trophies from the 1990s.

The Chicago Bulls are trying to keep their fans happy in the midst of the NBA lockout. So they're taking the Bull's six championship trophies from the 1990s on their first public tour. The trophies will travel to a new location around Chicago weekly until the end of December.

The third stop on the tour was Wednesday at the Thompson Center downtown. Former Bulls' centers Bill Wennington and Sidney Green were joined there by the 6 trophies, Secretary of State Jesse White, The Jesse White Tumblers, and lots of fans.

When asked about the last NBA lockout, Wennington said it wasn't fun. "It's difficult. In 1998 we went through it, and missing games? It's hard and a lot of guys just wanna play basketball," he said. 

He and Green said they weren't allowed to comment on the current lockout situation. But their notoriously silent mascot, Benny the Bull, summed it up for them.  WBEZ asked Benny if he could express physically how he feels about the lockout. He grabbed the microphone and proceeded to rub it all over his armpits.