Pastors ask Cardinal to keep Father Pfleger at St. Sabina

March 25, 2011

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WBEZ/Lynette Kalsnes
Father Michael Pfleger thanks one of the religious leaders who came out to support his wish to stay at St. Sabina.

About two dozen pastors gathered today asking Cardinal Francis George to allow a fiery priest to remain at his church.

Father Michael Pfleger has served at St. Sabina Catholic Church for three decades.

The cardinal's asked him to take on a new assignment, but Father Pfleger wants to stay. So many pastors gathered to support that wish today that they had trouble fitting on the stage.

The Rev. Rod Reinhart is pastor at St. Clement's Episcopal Church in Harvey.

"He has spoken up for our young people, and he has said we must protect our children from violence and from crime and from drugs and from all the terrible things that can touch the lives of young people today," Rev. Reinhart said.

The pastors acknowledged it's rare for the Roman Catholic church to let a priest remain in one spot. But several of them asked Cardinal George to make an exception.

Rev. Reinhart puncutated his plea with a request for an "Amen," and got a resounding "Amen" in reply.

Father Pfleger said he was touched by their support, and that he hasn't heard anything new from the Cardinal. He declined to say anything more.

The Archdiocese of Chicago declined comment.