Changing Gears special 'Getting By' delves into the real-world impact of 2011 economy

January 4, 2012

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(WBEZ/Joe Linstroth)
David Erickson and Zenobia Mills discuss how the economy has affected their lives.
(WBEZ/Joe Linstroth)
Rachelle Ankney, co-host Steve Edwards and Brad Jones listen to others share their stories.
(WBEZ/Joe Linstroth)
From left to right, Glenda Davis, Eric Egler and Rachelle Ankney each dealt with economic hardship in 2011.

Depending on the analyst and the statistic, the economy is on the mend or still in trouble or somewhere in between. "Getting By," the year-end special from our Changing Gears series, goes beyond the experts and numbers.  Senior editor Micki Maynard and WBEZ’s Steve Edwards gather around a table with eight Illinois residents from different demographic groups and across the state to discuss the economy’s real world impact on their lives. 





Changing Gears is a public media collaboration between WBEZ, Michigan Radio and ideastream in Cleveland. The series explores the economic transformation of the industrial Midwest through the stories of people driving and experiencing this change.