Chicago Flamenco Festival 2012: Caroline Planté: 8Reflexiones

March 10, 2012

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Caroline Planté

Introduced to flamenco guitar at an early age by her father, Montreal-born Caroline Planté is one of only a few women who play flamenco guitar professionally. Since 2005, she has traveled between Montreal and Madrid, where she also is the musical director, composer, and interpreter for Madrid-based company Cruceta Flamenco. Her 8reflexiones, a debut after 17 years of experience of onstage and compositional experience, is an absolute success: it is the first flamenco album entirely composed and performed by a female guitarist. Integrating jazz and even electronica into her sound, Planté—with renowned Madrid choreographer, dancer, and percussionist Mariano Cruceta—offers us an intimate taste of this singular music along with DJ J.Godino and flamenco singer Pedro Obregon. WBEZ reporter Alison Cuddy hosts.