Tribune: Police questioning 'person of interest' in shooting deaths

November 27, 2010

By Associated Press & City Room

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago police are questioning a 'person of interest' in connection to the shooting death of a police officer and a former CHA officer Friday. The 19 year-old man reportedly lives across the street from the alley where the bodies were found. 

Authorities say a Chicago police officer was fatally shot while processing a burglary scene at a garage on the city's Southeast Side.

The dead officer was identified Friday evening as 46-year-old Michael Flisk, an evidence technician. Weis says Flisk has a wife and four children, plus three siblings who also work for the Chicago police department.  The Chicago Police News Affairs office said Friday evening that Flisk joined the department in 1991 and was promoted to evidence technician in 2007.

A second person killed in the same incident was 44-year old Stephen Peters. Peters was a former police officer with the Chicago Housing Authority.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for the fatal shooting of the second Chicago police officer this week.