Chicago Hip Hop / Soul veterans 41° 51' 0" N / 87° 39' 0" W aka The Primeridian

December 27, 2010

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Simeon Viltz and Race of The Primeridian are up to no good again. They're about to release a new mixtape (or as they like to call it MixP3) with a whole slew of producers and features singing on it in between bursts of demonic laughs - WHOAHAHA!

Hear some of the old and brand new tracks from Chicago's Hip Hop / Soul veterans along with an interview where they talk about how they all met as young aspiring MCs at University of Illinois. They also explain their "beautifully melodic and soulfully hypnotic" sound, explain the "LEAN" factor and MixP3, tell stories about their involvement with youth mentoring, and dwell a little bit on the corporate takeover of Hip Hop in the mid 90's.