Chicago's oldest surviving building readies for 175th birthday

September 2, 2011

The Associated Press

(Flickr/Erik Allix Rogers)
Clarke House, built 1836 and now located along Prairie Avenue, is Chicago's oldest standing building.

Chicago's Clarke House has survived several fires and a couple of moves. Now, preservationists overseeing the city's oldest surviving building are gearing up for its 175th anniversary.

Clarke House was built in 1836 for Henry Brown Clarke and his wife Caroline.  The Clarke family moved from New York the year before to construct a new home in a new city on the prairie.

The home is regarded as one of the best remaining examples of Greek-revival style architecture in the Midwest. It is designated historical landmark.

After two relocations, Clarke House is now in the Chicago Women's Park & Gardens in the South Loop. It's not far from its original location.

To mark the anniversary, special lectures, tours and events will take place Sept. 28 to Oct. 1.