Continental's OnePass plan to be phased out

June 29, 2011

The Associated Press

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Continental discontinuing rewards program.

Continental Airlines' OnePass loyalty program will be phased out and moved into United's Mileage Plus plan later this year, United Continental Holdings Inc. said Wednesday.     

Continental's OnePass loyalty program will end on Dec. 31. United will automatically enroll OnePass members in Mileage Plus and deposit their miles into Mileage Plus accounts. 

OnePass member activity this year will be fully recognized in Mileage Plus next year. OnePass-branded credit cards will continue to earn miles and benefits in the Mileage Plus program. 

In the meantime, United and Continental customers who are currently enrolled in both programs can link their accounts, allowing them to combine miles and earn awards faster this year. 

United Continental said it will offer more details on any changes to the program later this year.