CPS board member responds to student stabbing

March 2, 2012

City Room

A student’s death at an alternative school may force the Chicago school district to look more closely at schools it contracts with.

Seventeen-year-old Chris Wormley was stabbed by a fellow student Thursday morning, and a third student was wounded at the entryway to AMIkids Infinity Chicago, a privately run school on the city’s far South Side.

"This is a privately [run] school that we contract with," said school board vice president Jesse Ruiz. "It’s not a CPS-operated school. All CPS schools have security. And I’m sure that’s something that CPS security as well as CPS management will address if our contracted schools are not providing the security and safety our students require."

Ruiz made his comments on WBEZ’s Schools on the Line program Thursday night.

The nonprofit that runs the school says no security guard is on site for the roughly 20 students there, but staff is trained in managing behavior and de-escalating conflicts. The school serves students with behavioral or learning problems.