Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive: Urban America’s Most Beautiful Roadway

January 19, 2011

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Cover of Neal Samor and Bernard Judge's book

Travel America's highways from Maine to San Diego and you'll find almost universal agreement that no urban road compares to the stunning beauty and charm of Chicago's Lake Shore Drive. For more than 19 miles it edges the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago providing one spectacular view after another. It cuts through four city parks, adjoins five major museums and one zoo, and is the home address of many Chicago cultural, business, and political leaders. Listen in and learn about the past 150 years of the roadway's progress from a pleasant horse and buggy pathway in front of Gold Coast mansions of Potter Palmer and his friends to the eight-lane hybrid boulevard of today.

The speakers for this event are lifelong Chicagoans. Neal Samors has published or authored 17 books about the people and places of Chicago, and Bernard Judge is a media consultant who was a reporter, editor, or publisher at three Chicago daily newspapers and the fabled City News Bureau.

Recorded Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at the Lecture Hall Gallery, Chicago Architecture Foundation.