Jazz Radio Host Dick Buckley Dies

July 22, 2010

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Dick Buckley (WBEZ/file)

The famous jazz DJ Dick Buckley died this morning. He was 85.

Dick Buckley's opening words were a familiar greeting for thousands of listeners. He was a jazz DJ here at WBEZ for more than 30 years after working at several other stations.

The owner of Jazz Showcase, Joe Segal, says Buckley loved jazz and would stop by to hear bands live.

SEGAL: Buckley had a wonderful broadcast voice, deep and sonorous. He wasn't pushy like a lot of the DJs you hear today, he merely stated the facts about the recordings he was going to play, and played them. He had a deep feeling for the traditional music of jazz.

Buckley was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the musical form.  He often corrected liner notes during his broadcasts.

Buckley retired in 2008.