Airing Dirty Laundry: Stories We Cannot Tell

February 16, 2011

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Shilpa Bavikatte, Rebecca Rugg, Coya Paz, Vaun Monroe, and moderator Harvey Young

This panel looks at the taboos artists of color and women often face in the kinds of stories they can tell, the types of characters that are "acceptable," and the relatively limited images we see in film and television and on our stages. Panelists include: Coya Paz, writer, director, and performer; Shilpa Bavikatte, producer of Voices of Resistance, the annual South Asian arts festival; Vaun Monroe, filmmaker, screenwriter, director; and Rebecca Rugg, dramaturg and Steppenwolf's new associate producer. Harvey Young, a professor at Northwestern University, moderates.

Recorded Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at the Goodman Theatre.