Ricky Hendon drops out of mayoral race

November 5, 2010

by Susie An and The Associated Press

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State Senator Ricky Hendon (AP/File)

State Sen. Rickey Hendon has withdrawn from the race to be Chicago's next mayor. Hendon said Friday he's leaving the race in the name of unity in the black community. He said a group of about 100 black leaders has been meeting to come up with a consensus candidate from the community and he didn't make the short list.

The leaders are supposed to vote later Friday on one candidate out of four finalists.

Hendon said state Sen. James Meeks and Congressman Danny Davis have been called back before the committee ahead of their vote. He acknowledged the coalition of black leaders is behind schedule in making their selection because candidates for the February race must submit nominating petitions later this month. Hendon said no black candidate can win without the support of the coalition. But he thinks the committee's nominating process is flawed.

"While I have problems with the process, I also understood that they can't come to a conclusion. And as long as I was a candidate, I could not go to the meetings or have a voice in the room or vote on the eventual selection," he said.

Hendon wouldn't say whether he'd endorse the committee's future candidate, but he said he'd like to see someone from the black community elected as Chicago's next mayor.

Earlier this year, current Mayor Richard Daley announced he would not seek re-election.