Early voting in Illinois begins

February 27, 2012

Associated Press

(AP/Charles Rex Abrogast, file)
A voter at a Cook County polling station participates in early voting in 2008.

Monday marks the start of early voting for Illinois' primary election, and it's available until March 15.

Voters do not need a reason to vote early in the Democratic and Republican primaries. The primary election in Illinois is March 20.

The voting includes nominating contests for the Illinois House and Senate, county offices, congressional races and several referendum questions.

Voting officials expect the close Republican presidential primary and new candidates vying for redrawn federal, state and county seats to drive early voter participation.

Registered voters must show a current driver's license or a valid photo ID to participate.

Early voters cannot change their votes after final submission.

Early voting locations are available statewide. In Chicago 51 locations will offer early voting.