Emanuel: Organized labor to change or lose jobs

June 30, 2011

The Associated Press

(Getty Images)
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has identified 625 jobs to cut if labor leaders don't agree to work-rule changes.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is giving labor leaders a choice: agree to work-rule changes or face 625 layoffs. 

Emanuel says that's the decision on the table as he works to deal with the city's budget crisis. 

The Democrat says he's identified 625 jobs to cut, but he says that won't be necessary if union leaders agree to the changes he's outlined for them. He says those changes are designed to save $20 million, but he didn't give specifics. 

The Chicago Federation of Labor and the Chicago & Cook County Building and Construction Trades Council issued a joint statement on Emanuel's ultimatum. The unions say they're working on ways to save the city money and they hope to present their ideas to Emanuel soon.