High variability seen in Illinois corn crop yield

August 25, 2011

By Associated Press

(Flickr/Ann Fisher, File)

A University of Illinois crop scientist says he's seeing wide variability in yield across the state's corn crop this season.

Emerson Nafziger tells The Pantagraph in Bloomington he's seen more variability this year than in his previous 30 years at the university. Nafziger attributes it to extreme July heat, lack of rain and planting on wet fields in May.

Nafziger says the changes show "not only region to region and field to field, but sometimes row to row and plant to plant." He says he's seen fields that will yield 50 bushels an acre and some fields that will yield more than 200.

Dennis Bowman is with the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension. He says the quality of the state's soybean crop has yet to be determined.


Information from: The Pantagraph