Ill. appeals court dismisses suburban 'bad mothering' case

August 29, 2011

By Associated Press

An Illinois appeals court has dismissed a 2009 lawsuit that two suburban Chicago siblings filed against their mother, seeking $50,000 and claiming she caused them "emotional distress."

Court papers show 23-year-old Steven Miner and his 20-year-old sister Kathryn Miner claimed their mother didn't send her son care packages at college, wouldn't buy her daughter a homecoming dress and didn't send gifts in birthday cards. The Illinois appeals court dismissed the case, ruling the mother's behavior wasn't "extreme or outrageous."

The siblings' father was one of their attorneys. Their parents divorced in 1995.

Cook County judge Kathy Flanagan previously said the lawsuit amounts to the siblings "suing their mother for bad mothering." The sibling's attorney wrote they view the lawsuit as "accountability," not an "attack on mothering."