Ill. senators split on Obama's troop withdrawal plan

June 23, 2011

The Associated Press

(Getty Images)
A soldier salutes the flag during a welcome home ceremony for troops arriving from Afghanistan at Fort Carson, Colorado.

President Barack Obama's plan to bring 10,000 troops home from Afghanistan by the end of this year. 

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin says the president's announcement on Wednesday is a step toward the end of a long war. Durbin says the U.S. has  accomplished its goal of destroying al-Qaida by killing Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants. 

However, Republican Sen. Mark Kirk says he's concerned the president hasn't followed the recommendations of Gen. David Petraeus on the timing of  the troop withdrawals. Kirk says the Afghan army should have 400,000 troops before the U.S. withdraws its troops. 

Obama says a total of 33,000 troops will be withdrawn by next summer. Afterward, the approximately 70,000 remaining will be withdrawn through 2014.