JoJo the gorilla moves from Chicago zoo to 'burbs

March 22, 2012

Associated Press

(Coutesy Lincoln Park Zoo)
Jojo the gorilla

JoJo the silverback gorilla is leaving Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo for a new home in the suburbs. And zoo officials hope he'll start a family once he's there.

The 31-year-old is being moved from the city's North Side to Brookfield Zoo in the western suburbs. There are female gorillas at Brookfield who zoo officials hope the 485-pound ape will mate with. Two female gorillas are also leaving Lincoln Park Zoo as part of a breeding program. They'll go to zoos in Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio.

A goodbye birthday party will be held for JoJo on April 10.

In more moves, two young male apes will arrive at Lincoln Park this summer to share a habitat with two other males who live there.