Live Music Thursday: Trombone Shorty improvises a second line tune on Sound Opinions

December 1, 2011

Troy Andrews has been playing trombone since he was six and his instrument towered over him. This comical sight gave him his stage name Trombone Shorty. Now 25, Andrews' height is closer to average than short, but he's still defined by the trombone.

He's been cranking out albums of genre-blending New Orleans music since 2002. His last two albums on Verve Forecast have grabbed the attention of pop music fans. His success may have been helped by a renewed interest in New Orleans post-Katrina and appearances on HBO's Treme, but his tunes have an instant appeal on their own. Combining loud rock guitar, hip-hop drums and classic second line horns, Andrews seems to have discovered the new musical gumbo that defines New Orleans.

When Trombone Shorty and his band visited our studios for Sound Opinions, they whipped up a fresh second line tune on the spot for us. Check it out above and enjoy more of their songs below. Subscribe to the Live Music Thursday podcast to download the second line video.

"Buckjump" from For True (Verve Forecast)

"Hurricane Season" from Backatown (Verve Forecast)

"Dumaine St." from For True (Verve Forecast)