Mark Kirk transferred out of Northwestern

February 10, 2012

(WBEZ/Bill Healy)
Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk has been transferred out of Northwestern Memorial Hospital to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Kirk suffered a stroke nearly three weeks ago and has undergone two surgeries since then. Earlier this week, doctors reattached a portion of Kirk's skull that had been removed to help with the swelling of his brain.

According to a statement from RIC, Kirk will now be under the care of Dr. Richard Harvey.

In a statement, Harvey said, “RIC’s team of experts will spend the next few days assessing Senator Kirk’s condition and developing a comprehensive, targeted rehabilitation program tailored to achieve the goals that will be established by Senator Kirk and his family.  The Senator has several pre-stroke factors in his favor that our research and experience demonstrate will foster a better recovery, including his relative youth, good general health and fitness, strong personal motivation, and high intelligence.”