Bag Recycling Ordinance On Fast-Track

April 22, 2008

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Chicago aldermen hope to cut the number of bags that can wish passersby 'a nice day.' (WBEZ/Shawn Allee)
Chicago aldermen are putting the final touches on a plastic bag recycling ordinance. They say it should be in place soon, maybe too soon for some.

The Chicago Recycling Coalition's Mike Nowak says plastic bags are littering the city's trees, shrubs and lawns, and he looks forward to a bag recycling ordinance; however, he worries one will get passed sometime in May.

NOWAK: It's a very complex issue, and what we're concerned about is that the ordinance will not address this complexity and we'll be stuck with something that wouldn't be as good as it could have been had there been more deliberate debate.

Nowak wouldn't get more specific, but the small grocery industry would.

It worries mom-and-pop grocers won't be able to afford the cost of collecting and hauling plastic bags. The bag recycling ordinance's sponsors say they're confident grocery stores will find affordable solutions.