Daley Unflapped by Threat of State Police Cuts

March 25, 2010

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Proposed Illinois budget cuts could mean state troopers will no longer patrol Chicago's expressways. But Mayor Richard Daley is downplaying that threat.

For more than twenty years, Illinois State Police have been patrolling all expressways that run through Chicago.

But Governor Pat Quinn has proposed cutting more than $58.1 million from the agency's budget. Captain Scott Compton, a state police spokesman, says that would force the closure of the state's office in Des Plaines, which is in charge of patrolling Chicago's expressways.

But Daley doesn't seem to be taking the threat to heart.

DALEY: Every day there's going to be another proposal. So like anything else, before you comment you have to find out what's the state responsibility, what state law is ... Because everyday, there's going to be a new statement. There'll be one in the afternoon, one tomorrow morning, one in the afternoon. 

Compton says the proposed cuts - if they go through - would lead to the firing of more than 460 state troopers. One-hundred eighty-two of them currently patrol Chicago's expressways.