Eleven injured in South Side accident

March 29, 2011

Associated Press and Susie An

Authorities say 11 people were sent to hospitals following gunfire and an accident involving a Chicago Transit Authority bus.

Chicago police say shots were fired at around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday on the city's South Side and those shots caused a car to hit the bus. The bus then ran into a light pole. Chicago police spokesman Mike Sullivan says no one was shot in the incident. It isn't clear how the shooting is related to the accident.

Authorities say many injuries were caused by flying glass. Sullivan says the bus driver cut his hands.

Fire department officials say two people were in serious to critical condition. Three people refused treatment. One witness says he saw gunmen open fire on the block. It isn't clear who or what the target was.

Class was in session at a nearby elementary school. A worker in the school's main office says no students were injured and classes are continuing as scheduled. A couple of security guards were added at the facility for today.

The #75 CTA bus has been rerouted. The East bound bus runs 74th to Stewart to 76th to Lafayette and back to regular route. The West bound runs Lafayette to 76th to Eggleston to 74th and back to the regular route.