Evanston's Skyscraper Plan Gets Scaled Down

March 26, 2008

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Developers plan to alter the proposal for a controversial Evanston skyscraper. The original 49-story condominium plan wasn't received well by some residents and city officials.

In about two weeks, developers plan to present the Evanston city council with a new proposal for a shorter building. John Kennedy with the Evanston Coalition for Responsible Development is against the tower plan. He doesn't think a revised proposal will make a difference.

KENNEDY: I don't look forward to a new proposal from the developer because I don't think the building as proposed as a condo building makes sense for Evanston.

Some city council members have similar concerns. Aldermen want to see a new proposal for a green building that they say truly benefits the downtown economy. Developers say their plans would benefit area businesses while bringing in more residents.