Mom: Paramedics Left Baby Because He’s Hispanic

September 21, 2007

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A northwest suburban mother on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit seeking $30 million from the village of Carpentersville and two of its paramedics. Chicago Public Radio's Chip Mitchell has more.


A Mexican immigrant named Gloria López says her infant had a septic infection that lead to respiratory failure and brain damage. Her suit blames what happened after a 911 call just over a year ago. It says the Carpentersville paramedics saw the baby vomiting but didn't take him to the hospital because he's Hispanic.

KARAVIDAS: These paramedics, they did not have the discretion to leave that child there. 

López's attorney, Theodore Karavidas, says Carpentersville hadn't trained the paramedics adequately.

But Village Fire Chief John Schuldt says they were ready.

SCHULDT: My people provide the top-level care to our residents and nonresidents alike. 

López's attorneys note that the incident took place as two Carpentersville trustees prepared a proposal to outlaw hiring or employing undocumented immigrants in the village. The two trustees have blamed undocumented immigrants for problems including unpaid ambulance bills.
I'm Chip Mitchell, Chicago Public Radio.