Chicago Mom Reacts to Bush's Comments

May 26, 2006

A Chicago-area woman whose son died in Iraq says President Bush's statements on the war last night didn't address her concerns.

The President said he regretted challenging Iraqi insurgents to "Bring it on."

Jonathan Collins joined the Marines right after graduating from Crystal Lake South High School in June 2003.

By the following February, he was in Iraq.

Lance Corporal Collins died about six months later after being hit by sniper-fire in Ramadi.

His mom, Angel Collins, says the President's regrets don't mean much without a plan to succeed.

"He and his party have committed my son's life and 2,000 lives to an objective," Angel says. "And I'm not sure how we reach it, but they owe us to reach it."

President Bush last night said his goal remains the same: for Iraq to be able to govern, sustain and defend itself.

He set no timetable for fully reaching that objective.