Cubs Push for New Corporate Logo at Wrigley

March 17, 2010

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Photo rendering courtesy of the Chicago Cubs
The Cubs have filed an application with the city to erect the sign above the left field bleachers.

It would be a giant, red Toyota logo, 16 feet tall by 22 feet wide.
Tom Tunney is the alderman for the forty-forth ward, where Wrigley is located.

He says the Cubs may have to "adjust" their proposal.

TUNNEY: You know, there are other opportunities to make money, even within the landmark context of the stadium, and maybe this particular position isn't the best place for it. 

Wally Hayward, who's in charge of marketing and sales for the Cubs, says the team is looking for new ways to make money without raising ticket or concession prices.

But Tunney says he's concerned that a huge lighted advertisement could tarnish Wrigley's historic, bricks-and-ivy image, and may block views of the surrounding neighborhood.

Hayward says he expects the sign to be approved by the city in time for the Cubs' April 12 home opener. But Tunney says that timeline is unlikely.