Emanuel: Voters want change

April 6, 2011

Susie An and Associated Press

(Getty/John Gress)

Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel says the aldermanic run-off election results show voters want change. He says voters want an end to business as usual.

"They were consistent in both elections that they now have a new mayor which was inevitable , but that they now have a new city council. If my numbers are right, I think that's a third of the city council that will be new. And that means we can start doing new things and doing things in a new way that are affective," he said.
Of the 14 run-offs, Emanuel made 10 endorsements. Three of those endorsed candidates lost.
The only challenger Emanuel endorsed was the candidate in the 50th Ward, Debra Silverstein. Silverstein won the election and unseated long-time incumbent alderman Bernard Stone. Emanuel says voters chose Silverstein because they want a government that's more responsive.
Tuesday's city council election resulted in new aldermen in more than a third of districts. Emanuel says that turnover shows voters want to see a new cooperative spirit in addressing issues ranging from public safety to education.
The mayor-elect says that's the same message voters sent when they elected him in February.
Emanuel spoke during a tour of Microsoft's Technology Center in Chicago where he saw a demonstration of an interactive website. He says it's an example of how Chicago could update its 311 system to allow citizens to post photos of potholes and fallen trees online and then track the city's response.