Indiana Dems end boycott

March 28, 2011

Associated Press

The leader of Indiana's House Republicans says Democrats plan to return to the Statehouse after a nearly six-week boycott over Republican-backed bills.

House Majority Leader Brian Bosma said Monday that he had been informed Democrats were ready to return to the Statehouse. Most House Democrats fled to Illinois on Feb. 22 to derail GOP proposals they considered an attack on labor unions and public education.

Republicans seeking a resolution dropped a right-to-work bill that Democrats opposed and have since agreed to changes on several other contentious bills.

The leader of Indiana's House Democrats says their lengthy boycott that ended today was worth it to try to stop what he called a radical Republican agenda that tried to dismantle labor unions and public education. House Minority Leader Patrick Bauer says the Democrats' walkout gave the public time to learn about the GOP agenda and allowed lawmakers to negotiate concessions on some of the bills they opposed. Bauer says Democrats won a battle but that they recognize "the war goes on" as Republicans continue what he calls an attack on the middle class.

Most absent Democrats face fines of more than $3,000 for the boycott. Bauer and the boycotting Democrats planned to return to the Statehouse Monday evening to get back to work.