With one less seat, Quinn signs off on Congressional district map

June 24, 2011

by City Room and Associated Press

(WBEZ/Sam Hudzik, file)

Governor Pat Quinn has approved new congressional-district lines that will send 18 people to Capitol Hill — one fewer than the past decade.

Quinn signed legislation Friday that OKs a map for a pared-down congressional delegation. There will be fewer Illinoisans in the U.S. House in 2013 because of nationwide population shifts.

Critics — particularly Republicans — have thrashed the Democratic proposal because it creates just one district where Latinos represent the majority. The state's Latino population has grown 32.5 percent.

GOP lawmakers predicted a lawsuit over the lines as the General Assembly rushed to approve them before its May 31 spring adjournment. The proposal appeared for approval less than 24 hours after it was made public, despite Democrats' promises that it would get plenty of public scrutiny.

Quinn says the congressional district map he's signed into law is fair and protects minority voters' rights. He says taxpayers had input at public hearings on both state legislative and congressional maps.

Illinois is losing one seat in the House in 2013 because of nationwide population shifts.