Prosecutors to finish with terrorist Headley today

May 25, 2011

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(WBEZ/Robert Wildeboer)
Tahawwur Rana's attorneys Patrick Blegen, left, and Charles Swift speaking to the media.

Prosecutors in Chicago are expected to finish up their questioning of terrorist David Headley Wednesday afternoon.  Then Tahawwur Rana's defense attorneys will get a chance to cross examine the government's star witness.

Prosecutors have spent hours having Headley go through emails he sent to Rana in an attempt to show that Rana knew about Headley's terrorist activities in Mumbai, India and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Headley says he told Rana of a plan to attack a Danish newspaper that printed cartoons offensive to many Muslims.  The plan called for gunmen to take hostages and then shoot the hostages, behead them, and throw their heads out the windows of the newspaper.  Headley says Rana agreed with the plan and said "good."

But Rana's not charged with actually planning or participating in terrorism, he's charged with supporting Headley's efforts.  Rana's attorneys say Headley is a liar.