Prosecutors want Blagojevich back in court

July 14, 2011

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(WBEZ file/Bill Healy)
Rod Blagojevich outside Dirksen federal court building in Chicago.

Federal prosecutors say Rod Blagojevich hasn't fully met the conditions of his bond since being convicted on 17 corruption charges. In a court filing, prosecutors say they want Blagojevich himself to attend the run-of-the-mill hearing Friday. Usually, defendants don't have to appear in person. But in this instance, prosecutors say Blagojevich needs to sign some paperwork.

Blagojevich is posting bond with two pieces of property he owns so he doesn't have to be held in jail. It's a sort of guarantee he won't flee. But prosecutors say Blagojevich's defense attorneys haven't turned over all the necessary paperwork.

Blagojevich is awaiting sentencing since last month's convictions on corruption-related counts.

Meantime, Blagojevich's attorneys have submitted a motion requesting to talk to jurors to prepare for post-trial motions.