Quinn focused on 'fair' Illinois redistricting map

May 20, 2011

The Associated Press and Jennifer Brandel

Gov. Pat Quinn says he's focused on making sure Illinois gets political redistricting maps that are "fair and square."

The Chicago Democrat made his comments Friday as lawmakers awaited details on new maps for Illinois House and congressional districts. Senate Democrats have already proposed new districts that throw some incumbent Republicans into the same territory and will cost them their seats.

In response to questions about criticism raised by Republicans, Quinn said, "Americans believe in competition, we believe in competition between businesses because that's the best way to get the best price. We believe in political competition - that's what democracy is all about. So having a fair mapping of the districts of Illinois is as American as apple pie."

Illinois House Republican leader Tom Cross said Friday that hard feelings over Democrat-led redistricting will complicate the final days of the legislative session where lawmakers still have a lot of work to do.

Democrats are in control because they control the Illinois House, Senate and governorship. Democrats are rushing to approve the maps by May 31. Hearings on the proposed maps will be held over the weekend in Chicago and next week in Springfield. Chicago hearings will be held at the Michael A. Bilandic building at noon on Saturday for the Senate and at 2pm on Sunday for the House. Those interested in testifying are expected to send early notice.

Quinn urges all those with an opinion on the subject to attend.