Quinn OK with no concealed weapons in Illinois

June 23, 2011

The Associated Press

(Getty Images)
Gov. Quinn won't legalize concealed weapons any time soon.

Gov. Pat Quinn has no problem with Illinois being the only state where it's illegal to carry a concealed weapon.

Quinn stood by his opposition to concealed weapons on Thursday - just days after lawmakers in neighboring Wisconsin passed a law to lift that state's ban. Wisconsin's Republican governor is expected to sign it. 

Quinn maintains most Illinoisans don't approve of concealed weapons. He says public safety comes first. In some places in Illinois, he says there's a  "violence epidemic." 

The Chicago Democrat says letting private citizens carry concealed weapons in public isn't the way to deal with it. He says he also doubts that Illinois lawmakers would pass a bill allowing concealed weapons. 

Quinn says carrying concealed weapons won't enhance public safety.