Quinn: Republicans would have made budget cuts even worse

September 8, 2011

Associated Press

(File/AP Seth Perlman)

Gov. Pat Quinn says he signed an Illinois budget that he didn't like because vetoing it would have given Senate Republicans a chance to demand more "radical" cuts.

The Democratic governor said Thursday that he certainly didn't want to give Republicans leverage to make even deeper cuts.

Quinn says he's laying off 1,900 people and closing seven state institutions to live within the budget that lawmakers sent him.

Quinn could have vetoed the budget in June, but sending it back to the General Assembly would have given the Republican minority a role in budgeting.

Here's the list of the seven state facilities Gov. Pat Quinn has targeted for closure due to Illinois' budget deficit and the number of workers at each location, according to the governor's office:

— Tinley Park Mental Health Center - 195 staff members

— Singer Mental Health Center - 150 staff members

— Chester Mental Health Center - 464 staff members

— Jacksonville Developmental Center - 420 staff members

— Jack Mabley Developmental Center - 163 staff members

— Logan Correctional Center - 270 security guards and 87 non-security workers

— Illinois Youth Center-Murphysboro - 101 staff members