Stakeholders talk crime prevention strategies

February 10, 2012

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(WBEZ/Jennifer Brandel)
Professor Frank Zimring (right) wrote a book about New York City's crime drop during the time Garry McCarthy (left) worked there

Key institutions around Chicago are collaborating to address the city's crime and violence. The University of Chicago's Crime Lab along with other organizations convened two panels Friday to connect research with policy makers.

One panel focused on how education and social services can reduce crime. The other zeroed in on law enforcement strategies.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and Circuit Court Judge Paul Biebel all said social services need to play a bigger role in crime prevention. Judge Biebel said many people committing crimes are struggling with drug addiction and mental illness.

"What happens when they get out? Do we have housing for them? Do we training for them? How are we going to get them away from those people that brought them to jail in the first place?," Biebel said.

Roseanna Ander heads the Crime Lab and organized the event. She said with all the new management around the city, it's a good opportunity to change old ways of looking at crime.