Touchdown Jesus at ND undergoing maintenance work

June 8, 2011

The Associated Press

A mural called Touchdown Jesus adorns a wall overlooking the Notre Dame campus and football stadium in South Bend, Indiana.

Workers at the University of Notre Dame have begun maintenance work on the iconic "Touchdown Jesus" mural that overlooks the football stadium. University officials say work on the mosaic on the side of the Hesburgh Library must be done every 15 years or so because of northern Indiana's harsh  weather. It was last done in 1994. 

The library was designed and constructed under the leadership of the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh in 1964 and named after him when he retired as university  president in 1987.

The artwork known officially as the "Word of Life Mural" has 6,700 separate pieces of granite and is 134 feet high and 68 feet wide.

Workers are washing the surfaces and the adhesive in the stone seams is being replaced.