Album Review: Neil Young "Le Noise"

October 14, 2010

By Sound Opinions

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Neil Young is a musician with impressive career longevity. At 64, he's still trying to reinvent his sound, and with Le Noise he comes out with a "folk-metal" sound. This is a true solo effort, though he did get help from super-producer Daniel Lanois. It's Young's voice and guitar plus Lanois' effects, and Greg Kot loves the result. While the lyrics are simple, they are really powerful and emotional. It's one of his best, according to Greg, and deserves a Buy It rating. Jim DeRogatis admits that much of the lyrical content isn't new, but it's done beautifully. And the sound is beautiful. He commends Young's courage and seconds that Buy It. Listen to the review here: [audio:/sites/default/files/archives/music/2010/10/Sound-Ops-Neil-Young.mp3|titles=Sound Ops Neil Young] Songs played include: Neil Young, "Walk With Me" Le Noise, Reprise, 2010 Neil Young, "Hitchhiker" Le Noise, Reprise, 2010 Neil Young, "Peaceful Valley Boulevard" Le Noise, Reprise, 2010