Hit It Or Quit It #12: Tegan & Marissa & Dave & Craig & Ted

July 14, 2010

By Hit It Or Quit It

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What's that you say?  The HIOQI podcast has made it through three whole months?  And to celebrate they've pulled out all the stops and put together a boda fide CELEBRITY PODCAST-O-RAMA?  For reals?  FOR REALS!This week: - Tegan of Tegan & Sara talks choreography! - Marissa of Screaming Females and Noun talks New Jersey weather, solo jams, and how to ruin a party! - Cali of the Teenage Teardrops record label on Law of the Rope's new record! - Dave Bazan's tour stories! - Music critic and former editor at Vibe Magazine, Sean Fennessey, deconstructs the bewildering new Liz Phair internet release, Funstyle! - Craig Finn of the Hold Steady on Craig Finn and the Hold Steady! - Luke of Lucky Dragons on Pitchfork Fest and the new Burzum LP! - Ted Leo's World Cup picks! ...all this plus Gossip Wolf, Twitter news from Mick Mars, and a talking cat!  UNBELIEVABLE!


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This week's playlist:

  • Marianna Ritchey, "Hit It Or Quit It"
  • Fela Kuti, "Eko Ile"
  • Tegan & Sara, "Alligator"
  • Screaming Females, "I Do"
  • Noun, "Holy Hell"
  • Law of the Rope, "Beasts Will Have You"
  • David Bazan, "Bless This Mess"
  • Liz Phair, "Bollywood"
  • The Hold Steady, "You Can Make Him Like You"
  • Lucky Dragons, "Complement Song"
  • Pit Er Pat, "Water"
  • Barry Hall and Burnt Earth Ensemble, "Terra Zona"
  • Ted Leo and Pharmacists, "Give Me The Wire"
  • Sisters Love, "Give Me Your Love"

HIOQI is hosted by Jessica Hopper and JR Nelson and produced by Michael Catano.  You can be our Facebook pals, find us on twitter @hititpodcast, talk to us via email at hititpodcast@gmail.com, or check out our archive of past episodes at here.