What the Cubs want out of the next general manager

August 20, 2011

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The Chicago Cubs are in the market for a new general manager. The team announced Friday that Jim Hendry is no longer in power. He'd served as general manager since 2002.

Cubs' owner Tom Ricketts said the team didn't win enough under Hendry and Ricketts is looking outside the organization for the next GM.

"I think we can look for guys that have a little stronger analytical background than maybe some of the guys we have here," Ricketts said at a Friday news conference. "Someone who, you know, has worked with some of the new tools - that would be a plus. And then someone who's been in a winning culture."

Ricketts said going forward, the team will be careful about making long-term contracts with athletes. He also said he won't be giving any updates about the search for a new GM.

Assistant General Manager Randy Bush will serve in the position on an interim basis.