WBEZ | Reboot http://www.wbez.org/tags/reboot Latest from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio en Film Remakes: Reimagining or ruining a classic? http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-10-07/film-remakes-reimagining-or-ruining-classic-92930 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//segment/photo/2011-October/2011-10-07/Star Trek.jpg" alt="" /><p><p><a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0796366" target="_top">Captain Kirk and Spock</a> have had one, and so have all three of the <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1509767/" target="_blank">Musketeers</a>.&nbsp; And though it may not like to admit it, so has that shape-shifting alien creature <a href="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0905372/" target="_blank">The Thing</a>. Yes, they're all film face-lifts. Call it a "remake," a "reboot" or, oddly, a "re-imagining" – many movies from years past have been receiving 21<sup>st</sup>-century updates. And fans of the originals aren’t always pleased with the new look. Hank Sartin, senior editor at <a href="http://timeoutchicago.com/" target="_blank"><em>TimeOut Chicago</em></a> joined <em>Eight Forty-Eight's </em>Alison Cuddy to talk about these cinematic clones.</p></p> Fri, 07 Oct 2011 15:07:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-10-07/film-remakes-reimagining-or-ruining-classic-92930