WBEZ | Cayne Collier http://www.wbez.org/tags/cayne-collier Latest from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio en Cayne Collier: Does Arne Duncan need a parent teacher conference? http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2012-02-15/cayne-collier-does-arne-duncan-need-parent-teacher-conference-96396 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2012-February/2012-02-14/3548577209_bc59df9ef0.jpg" alt="" /><p><p><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2012-February/2012-02-14/3548577209_bc59df9ef0.jpg" style="margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; float: left; width: 300px; height: 200px; " title="Arne Duncan at a hearing in 2009. (Flickr/House Committee on Education)">Comedian Cayne Collier takes a look at a new investigation by the Better Government Association that reveals that the city is losing money handing out back vacation pay to employees. But according to Collier, these payouts might have a silver lining we're not looking at. Read an excerpt or listen below:</p><p><em>Halfway through the school year, Chicago Public Schools has already made headlines: by announcing a $700 million deficit, by rescinding - in light of the deficit - an expected four percent pay raise to teachers this year, [by engaging in a] drawn out public battle with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who seems like he'd give half a finger from his other hand to make the school days longer.</em></p><p><em>Well now comes this: Late last week, the first report by the Better Government Association's <a href="http://www.bettergov.org/ill-gotten_gains_at_cps_unused_sick_days_pay_off/">Education Watch Series</a>, revealed that since 2006, CPS paid out $265 million for unused sick and vacation days, with the largest chunk, $227 million, going to longtime employees for days accrued over two to three decades. That's a lot of time.</em></p><p><em>The story made national headlines when the report showed that U.S. Secretary of Education and former CEO of Chicago Public Schools Arne Duncan, when leaving for the White House in 2009 after seven years in that position, took with him $50,297 in unused vacation pay by benefit of this policy.</em></p><p><em>Somebody needs a parent teacher conference.</em></p><p><span class="filefield_audio_insert_player" href="/sites/default/files/cayne collier.mp3" id="filefield_audio_insert_player-125739" player="null">cayne collier.mp3</span></p><p><a href="http://thepapermacheteshow.com/" target="_blank">The Paper Machete</a><em>&nbsp;is a weekly live magazine at the Horseshoe in North Center. It's always at 3 p.m., it's always on Saturday, and it's always free. Get all your</em>&nbsp;The Paper Machete Radio Magazine&nbsp;<em>needs filled&nbsp;<a href="http://wbez.org/thepapermachete" target="_blank">here</a>, or download the podcast from iTunes&nbsp;<a href="http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-paper-machete-radio-magazine/id450280345" target="_blank">here</a>.</em></p></p> Wed, 15 Feb 2012 14:00:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2012-02-15/cayne-collier-does-arne-duncan-need-parent-teacher-conference-96396 The Paper Machete Radio Magazine: The Trouble Episode http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-11-09/paper-machete-radio-magazine-trouble-episode-93891 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2011-November/2011-11-09/chad the bird.jpg" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center; "><img alt="" class="caption" height="333" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-09/Cayne Collier as Dr. Charles Neerdringer.jpg" title="Cayne Collier as Dr. Charles Neerdringer (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)" width="500"></p><p>Before Daylight Savings ended, there was a whole lotta trouble, starting with Samantha Irby, who paints Herman Cain as the lady killer he is.&nbsp;Cayne Collier&nbsp;becomes a gastroenterologist who educates us on&nbsp;fecal transplants (a real thing!). Chad the Bird wonders whether those wearing Guy Fawkes masks really know what they mean. With music from Diego Sol and the Metronomes, specifically, an excellent cover an excellent Prince song.&nbsp;And as usual, if you can hear us, this magazine is LIVE. &nbsp;Download at iTunes <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=450280345">here</a>, or listen below.</p><div><p><audio class="mejs mediaelement-formatter-identified-1332483815-1" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/sites/default/files/2011-11-05-papermachete-radiomag.mp3">&nbsp;</audio></p><p>At this Saturday's show at the Horseshoe,<a href="http://billayers.org/"> Bill Ayers</a> returns to <em>The Paper Machete</em>. He'll be talking about a looming scandal in for-profit education. Other topics in the queue: the Mississippi Personhood Amendment and the CTA's social media tactics. With <a href="http://www.youtube.com/crashpad3d">Chad the Bird</a>; <a href="http://vimeo.com/12219540">Jason Economus</a> of Write Club; comedian <a href="http://vimeo.com/12809584">Matt Kelly</a>; writer and performer <a href="http://www.coyapaz.com/">Coya Paz</a>; <a href="http://www.tangelopie.com/">Tim Sniffen</a> and <a href="http://www.improvisedshakespeare.com/">Brendan Dowling</a> of Second City, and Jessica Young of <a href="http://2ndstory.com/">2nd Story</a>.&nbsp;Check&nbsp;<a href="http://thepapermacheteshow.com/2011/11/08/1112-line-up/"><em>The Paper Machete</em></a>'s&nbsp;site&nbsp;for the updates on this line-up as the week goes on.</p><p><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-09/chad the bird.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; " title="Our regular Chad the Bird (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)"></p><p><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-09/samantha irby again.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; " title="Samantha Irby rocks you like a Herman Cain (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)"></p><p><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-09/diego sol.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; " title="Diego Sol and the Metronomes (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)"></p></div></p> Wed, 09 Nov 2011 16:31:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-11-09/paper-machete-radio-magazine-trouble-episode-93891 The Paper Machete Radio Magazine: The Halloween Show with guest host Josh Zagoren http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-11-02/paper-machete-radio-magazine-halloween-show-guest-host-josh-zagoren <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2011-November/2011-11-02/Josh Intros Show-web.jpg" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center; "><img ali="" alt="" by="" class="caption" game="" photo="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-02/Josh Intros Show-web.jpg" style="width: 500px; height: 333px; " title="Guest Host Josh Zagoren brings his " weiss=""></p><p>You know Halloween is still in the air, because the candy corn hasn't run out. For this Very Special Halloween episode, we have a Very Special Guest Host, Josh Zagoren.&nbsp;Adam&nbsp;Guerino claims Halloween is the new gay holiday. Aemilia Scott manages to occupy the ridiculousness that is the media coverage of Occupy Wall Street. Finally, we have music from Fatbook, which Christopher is very sad he missed. And as usual, if you can hear this, this magazine is LIVE. Download at iTunes <a href="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=450280345">here</a>, or listen below.</p><p><audio class="mejs mediaelement-formatter-identified-1332483810-1" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/sites/default/files/2011-10-29-papermachete-radiomag-REVISED.mp3">&nbsp;</audio></p><p>At this Saturday's show at the Horseshoe, it'll be Herman Cain, Herman Cain, Herman Cain. And another Cain; we'll be joined by Cayne Collier of the group <a href="http://timeoutchicago.com/things-to-do/54005/good-things-come-to-those-who-weight">Brick</a>; Chad the Bird aka Josh Zagoren of <a href="http://www.youtube.com/crashpad3d">Crash Pad</a>;&nbsp;Neo-Futurists'&nbsp;Diana Slickman and Rachel Claff;&nbsp;Jessica Palmer<span class="Apple-tab-span"> </span>of&nbsp;<a href="http://gapersblock.com/">Gapers Block</a>&nbsp;and writer <a href="http://bitchesgottaeat.blogspot.com/">Samantha Irby</a>. With music by&nbsp;Sol Diego and the Metronomes.&nbsp;Check <a href="http://thepapermacheteshow.com/2011/11/02/115-line-up-2/"><em>The Paper Machete</em>'s site </a>for the updates on this line-up as the week goes on.</p><p style="text-align: left; "><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-02/Adam Guerino-web.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; " title="Adam Guerino isn't dressed up...I think? (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)"></p><p style="text-align: left; "><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-02/Aemilia Scott-web.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; " title="Aemilia Scott wears a Halloween-worthy crown (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)"></p><p style="text-align: left; "><img alt="" class="caption" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-November/2011-11-02/Fatbook-web.jpg" style="width: 600px; height: 400px; " title="Fatbook brings in the horns (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)"></p></p> Wed, 02 Nov 2011 14:37:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-11-02/paper-machete-radio-magazine-halloween-show-guest-host-josh-zagoren