WBEZ | Metro http://www.wbez.org/content/metro Latest from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio en Louder Than A Bomb 2014 Semi-finals http://www.wbez.org/louder-bomb-2014-semi-finals-109722 <p><div>After two-weeks of Louder Than A Bomb poetry slam competition, select teams move into the next phase of competition known as the Semi-Finals. &nbsp;As a day-long event, team compete to see which schools will move to the final round.&nbsp;Tickets are available online at <a href="http://www.youngchicagoauthors.org">www.youngchicagoauthors.org</a>.&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB), is the largest youth poetry slam in the world. Over 1,000 youth from more than 100 Chicago land area schools will come together for one month (feb 15th &ndash; mar 15th 2014) to participate in an Olympic style poetry competition, in hopes of being one of the four teams on finals stage.</div></p> Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:36:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/louder-bomb-2014-semi-finals-109722 Story Week Festival of Writers - Literary Rock & Roll: Girl Trouble http://www.wbez.org/story-week-festival-writers-literary-rock-roll-girl-trouble-105907 <p><p>Writers <strong>Gillian Flynn</strong> (<em>Gone Girl</em>), <strong>Jane Hamilton</strong> (<em>Laura Rider&rsquo;s Masterpiece</em>) and <strong>Joe Meno</strong> (<em>Office Girl</em>) read from their work and sign books, followed by music from Chicago band The Right Now.</p><p>More information on this event <a href="http://www.storyweek.org">here.</a></p></p> Tue, 05 Mar 2013 12:59:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/story-week-festival-writers-literary-rock-roll-girl-trouble-105907 Off-Air Events: 5th Annual Winter Block Party for Chicago's Hip Hop Arts http://www.wbez.org/air-events-5th-annual-winter-block-party-chicagos-hip-hop-arts-102171 <p><p><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/OAlogo.tight__0.jpg" style="height: 62px; width: 300px; " title="" /></p><div>Hip-hop has long brought people together who&#39;ve fought for social justice.<p>Celebrate its present and future during the day with film, music videos, B-boy/B-girl dance battle, a poetry/storytelling slam, Vocalo&#39;s DJ Collective and a Hip-Hop Marketplace.</p>The FREE daytime schedule includes:<p><strong>12:15PM &nbsp;</strong> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Open Jam and Warm-up curated by Waka of the <a href="http://www.facebook.com/brickheadz/photos_stream">Legendary Brickheadz Crew</a></p><p><strong>12:30PM</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Upstairs &nbsp;|| A screening of<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benji_(2012_film)"> &quot;Benji&quot; </a>directed by Coodie and Chike</p><p><strong>1:00PM&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Sign Up</p><p><strong>2:00PM&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Prelims</p><p><strong>2:15PM&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Upstairs || Screenings of selected local Hip Hop videos and mini-documentaries</p><p><strong>3:30PM&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Upstairs || <em>Solo Tip: An Exploration of Hip Hop Theater and Storytelling</em> (The Public Square and YCA)</p><p><strong>3:45PM&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Main Floor || B-Boy/B-Girl Dance Battle Quarter Finals</p><p><strong>4:30PM&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Main Floor || <a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grown-Folks-Stories/120392737992152">Grown Folks Stories</a></p><p><strong>Also, throughout the day and night hear from <a href="http://vocalodjcollective.tumblr.com/">Vocalo&#39;s DJ Collective</a> featuring <a href="http://soundcloud.com/shazam-bangles">Shazam Bangles</a>, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-noRqgIppwY">Pumpin Pete</a> and <a href="http://soundcloud.com/shred-one">Shred One</a> led by<a href="http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Jesse-De-La-Pena/217806211348"> Jesse De La Pena</a>.</strong></p><p>Plus, $10 fade haircuts, a Hip Hop Art Gallery (curated by Miguel Aguilar of Defiance Gallery) and a Hip Hop Boutique with vendors including <a href="http://www.gowherehiphop.com/">GoWhere HipHop</a>, <a href="http://cityofwin.com/">City of Win</a>, <a href="http://iddyiddesign.bigcartel.com/">Iddy Id Designs</a>, <a href="http://gunplayinc.com/vintageboss">Vintage Boss</a> and others!</p><p>In the evening, join us for a ticketed concert blow-out!</p><p><strong>Winter Block Party for Chicago&rsquo;s Hip Hop Arts<br />An evening of music and celebration<br />Hosted by Psalm One&nbsp;</strong>consistently named one of the nation&#39;s &quot;Best Hip Hop Artists,&quot; &nbsp;<strong>Vocalo&#39;s Jesse Menendez&nbsp;</strong><strong>with Kevin Coval</strong></p><p><strong>Featuring performances by</strong><br /><strong>NoName<br /><a href="http://youtu.be/xajJQYLlAiI">Saba</a></strong><br /><strong><a href="http://youtu.be/j0tShXW9AF0">Psalm One</a></strong><br /><strong><a href="http://youtu.be/76WZTNKep5k">Add 2</a></strong></p><p><strong>and</strong></p><p><strong><a href="http://www.sidewalk-chalk.com/">Sidewalk Chalk</a>&nbsp;</strong><br />named &ldquo;Best Hip Hop Act in Chicago of 2010&quot; by the <em>Chicago Reader</em></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Tickets are $15.00<br />$12.00 with WBEZ Membership<br />$10.00 Students</p><p style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/ICON_ticket_event%20listing%20icon_11.png" title="" /><br /><a href="http://metrochicago.com/shows#Jan26"><strong>Tickets can be purchased through METRO Chicago HERE</strong>.</a></p><div class="image-insert-image "><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/psalmone.jpg" style="margin: 5px;" title="" /><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/WBParty2.jpg" style="margin: 5px;" title="" /><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/SidewalkChalk.jpg" style="margin: 5px;" title="" /><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/Sidewalk%2BChalk.jpg" style="margin: 5px;" title="" /><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/20090120-add2-704894.jpg" title="" /></div></div><div class="image-insert-image "><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/WBParty1.jpg" title="" /></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Sponsored by:</div><div class="image-insert-image "><div class="image-insert-image "><a href="http://www.ngelaw.com/"><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/NGE_logo.jpg" style="height: 96px; width: 150px;" title="" /></a></div></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><div class="image-insert-image "><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/Intelligentsia_logo_0.jpg" style="height: 56px; width: 120px; " title="" />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/titos_logo%20REVERSE.jpg" style="width: 113px; height: 120px;" title="" />&nbsp;&nbsp;<img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/TPSLogo-Color.jpg" style="height: 110px; width: 110px;" title="" />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="http://youngchicagoauthors.org/blog/"><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/YCA_fullcolor.jpg" style="height: 76px; width: 140px;" title="" /></a>&nbsp; &nbsp;<img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/Gowhere-All-Black.png" style="height: 39px; width: 150px;" title="" />&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/CoW_Logo_Black.png" style="height: 80px; width: 89px;" title="" />&nbsp;&nbsp;<img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/etix_logo.jpg" style="height: 78px; width: 150px;" title="" /></div></div><p>&nbsp;</p></p> Tue, 18 Sep 2012 12:03:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/air-events-5th-annual-winter-block-party-chicagos-hip-hop-arts-102171 Literary Rock & Roll: American Dreamers with Heidi W. Durrow, John Sayles, Patricia Ann McNair, Musical Guest Canasta http://www.wbez.org/event/2012-03-22/literary-rock-roll-american-dreamers-heidi-w-durrow-john-sayles-patricia-ann-mcnair <p><p>The work of <strong>John Sayles</strong> has been integral to the development of independent film in the United States. Beginning with his first feature, <em>Return of the Secaucus 7</em>, his movies have helped define the “other” that exists beyond Hollywood. Despite an unwillingness to tailor his subject matter and style to the dictates of the mainstream, he has managed to direct sixteen feature films, including his most recent movie, <em>Honeydripper</em> (2007), which starred Danny Glover. His seventeenth feature,<em> Amigo</em>, was filmed in the Philippines in early 2010. Sayles began his career as a storyteller as a writer of fiction, authoring the novels <em>Pride of the Bimbos</em> (1975), <em>Union Dues</em> (1978, nominated for National Book Award and National Critics' Circle Award), and <em>Los Gusanos</em> (1990), and short story collections <em>The Anarchists' Convention</em> (1979) and <em>Dillinger in Hollywood</em> (2004). His novel <em>A Moment In The Sun</em>, set during the same period as <em>Amigo</em>, in the Philippines, Cuba, and the U.S., will be released in 2011 by Dave Egger's publishing house, McSweeney's. Sayles was recently honored with the Ian McLellan Hunter Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Writer's Guild of America.<br> <br> <strong>Heidi W. Durrow</strong> is the <em>New York Times</em> best-selling author of <em>The Girl Who Fell From the Sky</em>, which received writer Barbara Kingsolver's 2008 Bellwether Prize for Literature of Social Change, and was hailed as one of the Best Novels of 2010 by the <em>Washington Post</em>, a Top 10 Book of 2010 by the <em>Oregonian</em>, a Top 10 Buzz Book of 2010 by the <em>Boston Herald</em>, and named a Top 10 Debut of 2010 by <em>Booklist</em>. <em>Ebony</em> magazine recently named Durrow as one of its Power 100 Leaders of 2010, and she was nominated for a 2011 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Debut. She is the cohost of the award-winning weekly podcast <em>Mixed Chicks Chat</em> and the cofounder and coproducer of the Mixed Roots Film &amp; Literary Festival, an annual free public event that celebrates stories of the mixed-race experience. She is an occasional essay contributor to National Public Radio, and her writing has appeared in<em> Alaska Quarterly Review</em>, the <em>Literary Review</em>, <em>Smokelong Quarterly</em>, <em>Callaloo</em>, <em>Poem/Memoir/Story</em>, the <em>Yale Journal of Law and Feminism</em>, <em>Essence</em>, and <em>Newsday</em>.<br> <br> <strong>Patricia Ann McNair</strong>'s fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in <em>American Fiction: Best Unpublished Short Stories by Emerging Writers</em>, <em>Other Voices</em>, <em>F</em>, <em>River Teeth</em>,<em> Fourth Genre</em>, <em>Brevity</em>, <em>Creative Nonfiction</em>, Air Canada's <em>en Route</em> magazine, and others. She is also published in <em>The Truth of the Matter: Art and Craft in Creative Nonfiction</em>, edited by Dinty Moore, and is a regular contributor to <em>Elks Magazine</em>. Her honors include a number of Illinois Arts Council Awards and Pushcart Prize nominations in fiction and creative nonfiction, Columbia College Chicago's Excellence in Teaching Award, and a nomination for the Carnegie Foundation's U.S. Professor of the Year Award. She has served as Writer in Residence at Interlochen Arts Academy and visiting lecturer at Bath Spa University in Bath, UK. McNair is a professor in the graduate and undergraduate programs of the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago. Her story collection, <em>The Temple of Air</em>, was recently published by Elephant Rock Books.<br> <br> Four years passed since the release of <em>We Were Set Up</em>, the record that cemented <strong>Canasta</strong>'s place as a staple—perhaps even the unspoken centerpiece—of Chicago's orchestral pop scene this millennium. But according to the <em>Chicago Reader</em>, the wait was worth it: "...this local sextet's second full-length, <em>The Fakeout</em>, <em>the Tease and the Breather</em>, is so perfect—every note falling into place with deeply satisfying craftsmanship—that you'll swear you've heard it before. But you haven't..." Making use of a collaborative songwriting process that relies on all six musicians, Canasta has always augmented the standard rock set-up with an piano, keyboard, violin, and trombone. But despite an ever-changing roster that has included nineteen members (!), founders Matt Priest and Elizabeth Lindau continue to keep the lyrics thoughtful, the orchestrations meticulous, the melodies unforgettable, and the sound uniquely "Chicagoan." The past twelve months have been the band's busiest yet, including a sold-out, headlining show at Chicago's Old Town School, a win in The Deli's "Best of Chicago Fans' Poll," a recording session for Dayotrotter, ambitious music videos for the singles "Mexico City,” “Magazine (Songwriter on a Train)” and “Becoming You,” and their first-ever tour abroad… to the hinterlands of Mongolia!</p></p> Thu, 23 Feb 2012 19:31:06 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/event/2012-03-22/literary-rock-roll-american-dreamers-heidi-w-durrow-john-sayles-patricia-ann-mcnair The 4th Annual Winter Block Party for Chicago’s Hip-Hop Arts http://www.wbez.org/event/2012-01-21/winter-block-party <p><p>Over 2,000 people attended WBEZ’s Winter Block Party last year, and this year’s all day FREE Party will again feature a<strong> street art and graffiti gallery</strong>, a <strong>film screening</strong>, a<strong> literary event</strong>,<strong> breakdancing exhibitions</strong>, the<strong> Emcee Olympics</strong>, the<strong> Hip-Hop Barbershop</strong>, <strong>live painting</strong> by Ruben Aguirre, <strong>music all afternoon</strong> by some of Chicago’s best DJs, and more.<br> <br> First held in January 2009, this all-ages, all-city celebration of Chicago's new and emerging artists of the hip-hop generation is truly a chance for everybody from anywhere to experience the breadth and style, multiple elements and forms of the hip-hop arts.<br> <br> Then join us for the 2012 culminating event: <strong>"Legends of the BodyRock: An All-City 3-on-3"</strong> beginning at 8pm (doors at 7:30pm). This retrospective on the history of breakdancing in Chicago will include feature interviews and archive footage, live guests, and the semi-final and final rounds of a live head-to-head “3 on 3” dance battle hosted by Legendary Brickheadz.</p><div><strong>DOORS OPEN AT NOON</strong> -<br> <br> View the 2012 street art and graffiti gallery exhibition, <strong>curated by <a href="http://believeinn.org/">Believe Inn</a> &amp; <a href="http://kevincoval.com/kc/">Kevin Coval</a></strong> and featuring: <strong>Chris Silva</strong>, <strong>Lauren Feece</strong>,<strong> Krista Franklin</strong>,<strong> Ruben Aguirre</strong>, <strong>Kane One</strong>, <strong>Angela Davis Fegan</strong>, Justus Roe a.k.a <strong>djwhitelightning</strong>,<strong> Brett Whitacre</strong>, <strong>Stephen Flemister</strong>, <strong>Anthony Lewellen</strong>, <strong>Cove</strong>, <strong>Dustin Harris</strong>, <strong>Greg Penrice</strong>,<strong> Jourdan Gullet</strong>, <strong>Mario "Zore" Gonzalez Jr.</strong>, <strong>Melon</strong>, <strong>Nerd</strong>, <strong>Peter Kepha</strong>, <strong>Robert Stevenson</strong>, <strong>Sam Kirk</strong>, <strong>Solo</strong>, <strong>Statik</strong>, <strong>Stef G</strong>, <strong>Roper Fuentes</strong>,<strong> B-Boy B</strong>, <strong>Qutress Trevino</strong>, and <strong>Trixter</strong>.<br> <br> Shop the marketplace featuring <strong>Haymarkert Books</strong> and <strong>The Silver Room</strong>, along with works by participating visual artists. A complete Catalog of works-for-sale will be available at the door.<br> <br> Make an appointment with the <strong>Hip-Hop Barbershop</strong> (open Noon-5pm).</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Listen to the amazing sounds of the <strong>Vocalo DJ Collective</strong> - bringing quality music &amp; the art of mixing &amp; scratching back to the radio - showcasing Chicago DJs <strong>Pumpin Pete</strong>, <strong>Big Once</strong>, <strong>Trancid</strong>, <strong>Charlie</strong>, and <strong>Jesse De La Pena</strong>.&nbsp; Hosted by Vocalo's <strong>Luis Perez</strong> and <strong>Dirty</strong> (formally of Liquid Soul).<br> <br> <strong>1pm</strong>: <strong>FILM SCREENING</strong> (free - limited seating available): <strong>"The People Speak"</strong> is a beautiful and moving film inspired by Howard Zinn’s groundbreaking books <em>A People’s History of the United States</em> and <em>Voices of a People's History of the United States</em>. Narrated by acclaimed historian Howard Zinn, and using dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries and speeches of everyday Americans, this documentary feature film gives voice to those who spoke up for social change throughout U.S. history, forging a nation from the bottom up with their insistence on equality and justice. Click here to view the <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hUQ657XR7Y&amp;autoplay=1">trailer</a> and <a href="http://www.peopleshistory.us/">learn more about the film and the Chicago project behind this screening</a>...<br> <br> <strong>3pm</strong>: <strong>"WORD: ACROSS GENERATIONS"</strong> (free - limited seating available): Listen in as some of the most prolific and profound poets in Chicago come together to perform their work and participate in a collective conversation about the power of words.&nbsp; Featuring <strong>Roger Bonair-Agard</strong>, a native of Trinidad and Tobago who is a veteran of the spoken-word scene and a two-time National Poetry Slam Champion. His most recent book of poems is <em>Gully</em>. Bonair-Agard will be joined by<strong> Chance</strong>, one of Chicago's emerging hip hop talents, and <strong>Fatima Warner</strong>, a hip hop artist from Chicago's South Side and a member of DatSkat. This event is a production of The Public Square, a program of the Illinois Humanities Council, which aims to foster debate, dialogue, and exchange of ideas about cultural, social and political issues with an emphasis on social justice. <a href="http://www.prairie.org/publicsquare">Click here</a> for more information about The Public Square.<br> <br> <strong>4pm</strong>: <strong>"All-City 3-on-3" Prelims</strong> (free) – it was the most popular event of the Party last year, so we've moved it to the main stage and tripled the action: see some of Chicago's best breakdancing crews in this head-to-head “3 on 3” dance battle, hosted by Legendary Brickheadz. The top 8 squads will advance to the Semi-Finals/Finals, which will be held at 8pm (see below). <span id="ctl00_content1_lblDescription">Winning Squad gets a $1,000 cash prize!</span> Online sign-up is now closed. Sign up on-site beginning at 1pm. *PLEASE NOTE: All participating dancers who do not advance to the Semi-Finals will receive a complimentary ticket to "Legends of the BodyRock: An All-City 3-on-3" at 8PM.<br> <br> <strong>4:30pm</strong>: <strong>EMCEE OLYMPICS</strong> (free - limited seating available): Hosted by <a href="http://www.urbanizedmusic.com/">Urbanized Music</a>'s <strong>Amina</strong> and <strong>Coolout</strong>, Founders of <a href="http://chihiphop.org/">Chicago's Hip-Hop Heritage Month</a>, the Emcee Olympics is a NOT a traditional battle - rather it is a competition testing ALL the skills an emcee should have: freestyle, bar writing, crowd participation, and more. Emcees need to prepare a 16 bar verse AND a whole song (bring a beat for your song or we will provide one for you), AND be prepared to engage in several skill challenges. No homophobic, sexist or racist language. <span id="ctl00_content1_lblDescription">Winning Emcee gets two hours professional recording time at the WBEZ Performance Studio. </span>Elevate! Online sign-up is now closed. Sign up on-site beginning at 1pm. *PLEASE NOTE: All participating emcees will receive a complimentary ticket to "Legends of the BodyRock: An All-City 3-on-3" at 8PM.<br> <br> *************************************<br> <strong>BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW FOR THIS YEAR’S MAIN EVENT!</strong><br> <br> <strong>"Legends of the BodyRock: An All-City 3-on-3"</strong> will begin at 8pm (doors at 7:30pm). This retrospective on the history of breakdancing in Chicago will include feature interviews and archive footage, live guests, and the semi-final and final rounds of a live head-to-head “3 on 3” dance battle hosted by Legendary Brickheadz.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div><img alt="" src="http://www.wbez.org/sites/default/files/event/insert-image/2011-August/2011-08-12/ICON_ticket_event%20listing%20icon.png" title="" width="64" height="54"> <a href="http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/performanceSearch.jsp?performance_id=1566805&amp;cobrand=metrochicago">Click here for tickets to the 8PM evening event.</a></div><div>&nbsp;</div><div><br> This event is sponsored in-part by:<br> <br> <a href="http://metrochicago.com/"><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/event/insert-image/2011-September/2011-09-01/JAN_metro_logo-TP.jpg" style="width: 72px; height: 60px;" title=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://www.vocalo.org/" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/event/insert-image/2012-January/2012-01-05/vocalo-org-895.jpg" style="width: 142px; height: 46px;" title=""></a><a href="http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/" target="_blank">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <img alt="" src="http://www.wbez.org/sites/default/files/blog/insert-image/2011-August/2011-08-31/Intelligentsia_new_logo_fullcolor_CMYK-TP.jpg" style="width: 100px; height: 46px;" title=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://timeoutchicago.com/"><img alt="" src="http://www.wbez.org/sites/default/files/blog/insert-image/2011-September/2011-09-01/TOC_websiteCYMK_TP2.jpg" style="width: 75px; height: 59px;" title=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://www.prairie.org/"><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/event/insert-image/2011-December/2011-12-06/IHC-webstory.jpg" style="width: 150px; height: 41px;" title=""></a></div></p> Wed, 31 Aug 2011 23:16:37 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/event/2012-01-21/winter-block-party L-vis Lives Live! Kevin Coval Book Release Party http://www.wbez.org/event/2011-09-14/l-vis-lives-live-kevin-coval-book-release-party <p><p>Kevin Coval’s poetry is anything but ordinary. His work, fearless in its honesty and depiction of “post-racial” American culture, has been praised by legends like Studs Terkel and Mos Def. A four-time HBO Def Poet and ALA “Book of the Year” finalist, Coval will read and present his new book <strong><em>L-vis Lives! Racemusic Poems</em></strong> in a special one man show multimedia setting at Metro on Wednesday September 14. DJ Itch13 will also spin, and Coval will sign books and meet with attendees afterwards.</p><p>A sneak peak of his live canter, matched with beats by Coolout Chris, can be heard <a href="http://newschoolpoetics.bandcamp.com/releases">here</a>.<br> <br> <strong>Kevin Coval</strong> is author of the forthcoming, <em>L-vis Lives!</em>, as well as <em>Everyday People</em> and <em>Slingshots (A Hip-Hop Poetica)</em>, named a Book of the Year finalist by the American Library Association. Coval has been called “the voice of the new Chicago” by Rick Kogan of The Chicago Tribune and is one of the most widely read poets in the country. He has performed in seven countries on four continents, toured the country, appeared on four seasons of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, and is Co-Founder of Louder Than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival, the largest youth poetry festival in the world, which is the subject of the award-winning documentary by the same name. Coval is the Artistic Director of Young Chicago Authors and teaches at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago.</p><p><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/event/insert-image/2011-August/2011-08-17/ICON_ticket_event listing icon.png" title="" width="64" height="54"> <a href="http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/performanceSearch.jsp?performance_id=1550613&amp;cobrand=metrochicago">Click here</a> for tickets!</p></p> Wed, 17 Aug 2011 09:55:17 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/event/2011-09-14/l-vis-lives-live-kevin-coval-book-release-party New Year's Eve with Yeasayer http://www.wbez.org/event/2010-12-31/new-years-eve-yeasayer <p><p>Spend your New Year's Eve at the Metro with <strong>Yeasayer</strong> for 2010. They describe their music as &quot;Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel.&quot; Having toured with MGMT and played at SXSW, Pitchfork, Cochella and Lollapollooza, the &quot;most blogged about band&quot; is not to be missed. <strong>Health</strong> opens the show.</p></p> Mon, 20 Dec 2010 15:55:04 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/event/2010-12-31/new-years-eve-yeasayer