WBEZ | New York City soda ban http://www.wbez.org/tags/new-york-city-soda-ban Latest from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio en The nanny state keeps an eye on baby New York City http://www.wbez.org/blogs/onstagebackstage/2012-09/nanny-state-keeps-eye-baby-new-york-city-102524 <p><p><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/4695631997_02b2500e95_z.jpg" style="height: 200px; width: 300px; float: right; " title="(Flickr/cobalt123)" />&quot;We are just making healthy choices easier,&quot; <a href="http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-57515748-10391704/nyc-health-commissioner-on-soda-ban-we-are-just-making-healthy-choices-easier/">said New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley Wednesday</a>&nbsp;about the city&#39;s new ban on large soft drinks.</p><p>But Comedian Nicky Margolis thinks the &quot;Greatest City on Earth&quot; (and the people in it) is being treated a little too delicately: So carefully as to almost be a child, unable to protect itself from the world. Read an excerpt below or listen above:</p><p><em>OK Mayor Bloomberg, we&#39;re almost set to leave. Thank you again for agreeing to babysit our dear little New York City. Before we leave for the night, we have just a few more instructions for taking care of our precious little city.</em></p><p><em>Now you already know about his special dietary needs: no surgary drinks over 16 ounces and no trans fat&nbsp;</em><em>&mdash;</em><em>&nbsp;none! We would also like to add to the list no gluten, no peanuts, no dairy, no niacin just to be safe. And no eating anything that describes itself as marshmallow-y. It&#39;s not a word, it shouldn&#39;t be a food.</em></p><p><em>Also when he goes for a slice its now more of a strip. No one needs pizza that big. In this house, we fold our laundry, not our food. We are currently working on New York&#39;s potty mouth; we know it&#39;s a problem. We do not condone such embarassing behavior, however warranted the swearing may feel. And believe me&nbsp;</em><em>&mdash;</em><em>&nbsp;I&#39;ve been there. Do you think I like standing behind the idiot who can&#39;t see to walk and meanders everywhere? No, who walks like that?&nbsp;But still, I&#39;m a lady about it.</em></p><p><em>Anyway, the point is is that we&#39;ve implemented a city-wide swear jar initiative. There are swear jars placed conviently on every corner, on bus stops, on subway platforms, in delis, anywhere a TV is present. A quarter for each bad word will do. Any use of the &quot;C word&quot; will get an immediate five dollar fine and a five hour course in women&#39;s studies.</em></p><p><a href="http://thepapermacheteshow.com/" target="_blank">The Paper Machete</a>&nbsp;<em>is a weekly live magazine at the Horseshoe in North Center. It&#39;s always at 3 pm., it&#39;s always on Saturday, and it&#39;s always free. Get all your</em>&nbsp;The Paper Machete Radio Magazine&nbsp;<em>needs filled&nbsp;<a href="http://www.wbez.org/tags/paper-machete" target="_blank">here</a>, or download the podcast from iTunes&nbsp;<a href="http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/the-paper-machete-radio-magazine/id450280345" target="_blank">here</a>.</em></p></p> Fri, 21 Sep 2012 11:00:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blogs/onstagebackstage/2012-09/nanny-state-keeps-eye-baby-new-york-city-102524