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It happened. Cry like you couldn't last night.Scott Simon</div><div>The heavens over Chicago have opened and Patricia Lyons Simon Newman has stepped onstage.Scott Simon</div><div>Heart rate dropping. Heart dropping.Scott Simon</div><div>I know end might be near as this is only day of my adulthood I've seen my mother and she hasn't asked, &quot;Why that shirt?&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>The loveli cityscape at the foot of my mother's bed: pic.twitter.com/Bu7AIfLaMsScott Simon</div><div>Mother cries Help Me at 2;30. Been holding her like a baby since. She's asleep now. All I can do is hold on to her.Scott Simon</div><div>I love holding my mother's hand. Haven't held it like this since I was 9. Why did I stop? I thought it unmanly? What crap.Scott Simon</div><div>Was my mother saving this line? My family flies in. My wife &amp; I joke about me sleeping in the ICU (&quot;All the beeps! Can't -Scott Simon</div><div>-you med people keep it down?&quot;) Tell my mother I'll see my wife downstairs, back in 10. Mother says, &quot;Have a quickie!&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>My mother now wakes only to be gracious. &quot;Is Reggie or Don on-duty? They're both such exquisite gentlemen.&quot; (and they are)Scott Simon</div><div>Just spent 45 mins looking for mother' favorite dental floss. Waste of time? Act of faith.Scott Simon</div><div>I just realized: she once had to let me go into the big wide world. Now I have to let her go the same way.Scott Simon</div><div>When my mother woke briefly I sang her My Best Girl. She replied w/ You Are the Sunshine of My Life. Broadway in the ICU.Scott Simon</div><div>By request, my ICU bed. Hermes orange, my mother notes. Note functional nightstand, too: pic.twitter.com/dDMQcOwbJWScott Simon</div><div>I see dawn coming in sky and want to hold it back to keep my mother from what's ahead--to keep my mother, period.Scott Simon</div><div>Mother asks, &quot;Will this go on forever?&quot; She means pain, dread. &quot;No.&quot; She says, &quot;But we'll go on forever. You &amp; me.&quot; Yes.Scott Simon</div><div>I tell my mother, &quot;You'll never stop teaching me.&quot; She said, &quot;Well don't blame me for everything.&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>Mother: what time is it? Me: 6:30. Her: oh let's raise the curtains on the city we love.Scott Simon</div><div>No real sleep tonight. But songs poems memories laughs. My mother: &quot;Thank you God for giving us this night &amp; each other&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>Thanks for all good wishes. Mother says, &quot;We can get through this, baby. The hardest part we'll be for you when it's over&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>Mother can't sleep. We listen to music, her face feels puffy, hot. We talk of much. I say &quot;You need sleep.&quot; &quot;Not really.&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>I consider this a good sign: mother sez when time comes, obit headline should be Three Jewish Husbands, But No Guilt.Scott Simon</div><div>Bought air mattress for ICU floor. Told salesperson &quot;All I know about outdoors is I loath them.&quot; &quot;You looking for Bloomingdales?&quot;Scott Simon</div><div>I am getting a life's lesson about grace from my mother in the ICU. We never stop learning from our mothers, do we?Scott Simon</div></noscript></p> Tue, 30 Jul 2013 12:28:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/news/culture/scott-simon-live-tweets-his-mothers-last-moments-108226