WBEZ | fall http://www.wbez.org/tags/fall Latest from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio en The mysterious origins of fall fashion trends http://www.wbez.org/blogs/leah-pickett/2013-09/mysterious-origins-fall-fashion-trends-108795 <p><p><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/Flickr- Jin Chu.jpg" style="height: 414px; width: 620px; " title="(Flickr/Jin Chu)" /></p><div class="image-insert-image ">Fall is the season for pumpkin spice lattes, Buzzfeed lists about <a href="http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/reasons-why-hocus-pocus-is-the-best-halloween-mo" target="_blank">&quot;Hocus Pocus&quot;</a> and trendy outfits that hopefully won&#39;t have to be hidden under a big puffy coat until December.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">The latter phenomenon, while not as innately curious as coffee pumped with artificial pumpkin or a movie about witches starring Bette Midler, got me thinking, &quot;Why are these fall fashion trends so popular, and who came up with them?&quot;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>Beanies</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Most hats are designed to keep heads warm, but the beanie is more than a utilitarian measure to ward off colds. The beanie, or &quot;tuque&quot; as the Canadians call it, is first and foremost a fashion accessory: a brimless cap named after either the British slang word for head (&quot;bean&quot;) or the type of yellow headgear worn by new students in medieval universities (&quot;beanus&quot;). While <a href="http://amateurflaneur.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/beanies-per-head-james-harmer/" target="_blank">blue collar laborers</a>&nbsp;have also worn beanies to keep their hair back while toiling away, these head-huggers are now emblematic of <a href="http://wwtaylorw.com/tag/beanie/" target="_blank">Taylor Swift</a> and most commonly donned by the hipster set.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Starting in the 1950s, beanies were worn by college freshmen and fraternity brothers as a form of mild hazing. Benedictine College&nbsp;in Atchison, Kansas still oversees freshmen wearing beanies during their first week of classes, and is said to be <a href="http://benedictine.edu/press-room/news/benedictine-news/bc-recognizes-beanie-tradition-through-family-award" target="_blank">one of the last colleges</a> in the U.S. to continue this tradition.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>Cardigans</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">These knitted vestments may be most commonly associated with stylish nerds (Seth Cohen), artistic types (Kurt Cobain) and hip seniors (Mr. Rogers), but the cardigan&#39;s roots are actually militaristic in nature. The cardigan was named after <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Brudenell,_7th_Earl_of_Cardigan" target="_blank">James Thomas Brudenell</a>, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army Major General who led the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. Brudenell&#39;s troops were outfitted in knitted military waistcoasts, nicknamed cardigans. Legend has it that the fame Brudenell and his troops acheived after the war led to the rise of the garment&#39;s popularity.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Today, the cardigan sweater has cemented its place as a fall wardrobe must-have. The cardigan&#39;s prevelance is due in large part to it&#39;s gender neutrality and style versatility, as it can be dressed up over a fancy top or dressed down with a T-shirt underneath. One of my favorite ways to wear the cardigan is over a plaid collared shirt, as The Onion&#39;s <a href="http://www.theonion.com/articles/mr-autumn-man-walking-down-street-with-cup-of-coff,29866/" target="_blank">Mr. Autumn Man</a>&nbsp;effectively demonstrates.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>Cuffed jeans</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><p>The tight roll of the skinny jean, often called the &quot;cuff roll,&quot; has surged in popularity in recent years. When traipsing through Wicker Park or Logan Square on a brisk Autumn day, I always spot a young ruffian (or twelve) sporting this look, often with a lace-up leather shoe, high-top sneaker or ballet flat. The origins of the trend are murky, as rolling one&#39;s jeans may have begun as early as when Levis became popular <a href="http://inventors.about.com/od/sstartinventors/a/Levi_Strauss.htm" target="_blank">wading pants </a>during the California Gold Rush.</p><p><a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/15/fashion/15ROW.html" target="_blank">This piece</a> from the New York Times proclaims that &quot;a style born on the shores of Mississippi has been reinvented for the streets of Bushwick,&quot; although Huckleberry Finn wasn&#39;t the only forefather of this trend. Elvis Presley, Ann Margaret, and almost every other cool kid at the jukebox in the 1960s cuffed their denims too.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Ankle boots</strong></p><p>Boots of any kind are popular in the fall, but ankle boots are maintaining red-hot status as the most <a href="http://alamodebyec.blogspot.com/2013/08/ankle-boots-kurt-geiger.html" target="_blank">widely-worn</a> style. This versatile shoe has remained a fashion staple since the early 19th century, with icons such as Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain and <a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_5sZdPjTGuSU/TOE6cbpRnwI/AAAAAAAABxo/r4HzP1Vc2xg/s1600/anne+green+gables+straw+hat+carpet+bag.jpg" target="_blank">Anne of Green Gables</a> rocking the &quot;booties&quot; long before Paris runway models or the Chicago style stars of today.&nbsp;</p><p>Usually worn under pants or with a skirt and tights, the ankle boot is also the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashion_boot" target="_blank">only</a> fashion boot commonly worn by both men and women.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Leather jackets&nbsp;</strong></p><p>Although most often linked to <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather_jacket" target="_blank">subcultures</a> like greasers, bikers, punks, goths and metalheads trying to look tough, the leather jacket was first utilized by open automobile motorists and aviators in <a href="http://www.collectorsquest.com/blog/2012/12/01/flying-leather-aviator-and-flight-crew-jackets/" target="_blank">World War I</a> for the sole purposes of protecton and warmth. Brown leather flight jackets became a necessity in the early 1990s; and by the second world war, insulated &quot;bomber jackets&quot; became part of the uniform to protect fighter pilots from exposure to cold at high altitudes. The Russian <a href="http://seansrussiablog.org/2009/05/26/lenins-suit/" target="_blank">Bolsheviks</a> also began wearing these jackets at the turn of the 20th century, long before James Dean and John Travolta&#39;s Danny Zuko made them popular again.&nbsp;</p><p>Buckskin, lambskin, sheepskin, antelope and cowhide are the hides <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather_jacket#Raw_material" target="_blank">most commonly</a> used to make leather jackets. However, with the rise of veganism,&nbsp;<a href="http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=25032764" target="_blank">faux leather jackets</a> are flying off the shelves at retailers like Free People, TopShop, Urban Outfitters and more.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Flannel</strong></p><p>This distinctively tartan fabric is prized for its warmth, softness and nostalgic ties to the &#39;90s grunge era, but flannel goes back much farther than that. The origin of the word can be traced back to Wales, where flannel been made from various incarnations of wool <a href="http://www.overstock.com/guides/history-of-flannel" target="_blank">since the 17th century</a>. Originally, the fabric was made of short&nbsp;<a href="http://www.theodora.com/encyclopedia/f/flannel.html" target="_blank">staple wool</a>; but by the early 20th century, mixtures of silk, cotton and woven polyster had become more common.</p><p>Flannel shirts may have hit their peak with Pearl Jam and Nirvana in the 1990s, but designer Yves Saint Laurent has brought them back with a <a href="http://runway.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/09/30/a-noticeable-thawing-at-saint-laurent/?_r=0" target="_blank">vengeance</a> this season. Yes, what was once synonymous with American lumberjacks in the early 1990s and British cricket players through the late 1970s has become the epitome of millennial grunge chic.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Infinity scarves</strong></p><p>The infinity scarf is a fairly recent invention, so named because the material forms an <a href="http://www.polyvore.com/infinity_scarves/shop?query=infinity+scarves" target="_blank">infinite loop</a> that many people try and fail&nbsp;to achieve with regular scarves. The plain old scarf originated in Ancient Rome, as a way to keep warm and to keep clean by <a href="http://www.scarves.net/blog/scarves-history-the-evolution-of-the-scarf" target="_blank">wiping sweat</a> from one&#39;s face. Somehow, the scarf has evolved into more of a necklace than a cloth used for a specific purpose, as evidenced by the pretty, lightweight cowl scarves that add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.</p><p>However, the person who invented said miracle scarf remains as mysterious as the concept of infinity itself.&nbsp;<a href="http://workchic.com/blog/2009/11/06/casual-friday-accessory-infinity-scarf/" target="_blank">Oprah</a> helped propel the design to popularity in the early aughts; but the designer, who has likely collected millions from this endeavor, remains virtually anonymous to the general public. Anyone care to step forward?&nbsp;</p><p><em>Leah Pickett writes about popular culture for WBEZ. You can find her on&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/leahkristinepickett" target="_blank">Facebook</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://twitter.com/leahkpickett" target="_blank">Twitter</a>&nbsp;and<a href="http://hermionehall.tumblr.com/" target="_blank">&nbsp;Tumblr</a>.</em></p></p> Tue, 01 Oct 2013 08:00:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blogs/leah-pickett/2013-09/mysterious-origins-fall-fashion-trends-108795 30 things to do in Chicago this fall http://www.wbez.org/blogs/leah-pickett/2013-09/30-things-do-chicago-fall-108606 <p><p><img alt="" class="image-original_image" src="http://www.wbez.org/system/files/styles/original_image/llo/insert-images/Fall%20Chicago%20Flickr.jpg" title="Grant Park in the fall. (Flickr/PhilontheWeb2001)" /></p><div class="image-insert-image ">Summer may have its charms, but let&#39;s be real. When it comes to the three Ws (weather, wardrobe and whimsy), fall is the best season by far.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">The sopping humidity of summer suddenly turns crisp and purposeful, ushering in a new academic year and bursts of gorgeous, coppery color in the trees.&nbsp;Chicagoans also become more fashionable, as we trade in our often unflattering shorts and sandals for a more polished look of jeans, scarves, layered cardigans and boots. We indulge in pumpkin lattes, host more game nights, watch the leaves fall and celebrate three of the year&#39;s best holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and <a href="http://holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/November/buynothingday.htm" target="_blank">Buy Nothing Day</a>.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Back in June, I made a list of things to do in a <a href="http://www.wbez.org/blogs/leah-pickett/2013-06/30-things-do-chicago-summer-107847" target="_blank">Chicago summer</a>; but now, an even better season has arrived. In no particular order, here&#39;s 30 adventures to have this fall:</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>1. A.V. Fest/The Hideout Block Party, Sept. 6-7</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">From Friday afternoon to Saturday evening, The A.V. Club (the arts-and-entertainment wing of The Onion) and The Hideout Inn (one of Chicago&#39;s best live music and performance venues) will combine forces for an epic <a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/143973282461284/" target="_blank">music festival</a>&nbsp;outside The Hideout at 1354 W. Wabansia. Performers include Young the Giant, Neko Case, Mavis Staples and Superchunk.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>2. Windy City Wine Festival, Sept. 6-7</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Wine connoisseurs, rejoice! The 9th year of the Windy City Wine Fest, presented by U.S. Bank, will bring samples of over&nbsp;<a href="http://chicago.eventful.com/events/windy-city-wine-festival-/E0-001-059429588-7@2013090616?utm_source=facebook&amp;utm_medium=events&amp;SREF=FBEvent" target="_blank">345 different wines</a> from all around the world, alongside food pairings from some of the city&#39;s best restaurants. Meet at Buckingham Fountain for demonstrations from local chefs and expert-led wine pairing seminars.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>3. Renegade Craft Fair, Sept. 7-8</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Feeling crafty? This annual indie-craft marketplace, held on Division Street in Wicker Park, brings hundreds of craft makers out of their studios and into the spotlight for a festive <a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/412070168914166/" target="_blank">weekend celebration</a> of all things handmade. The Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) will participate again this year too, making this fest 100 percent pet-friendly!</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>4. Riot Fest, Sept. 13-15</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><a href="http://riotfest.org" target="_blank">Riot Fest</a> may be described as the last hurrah of summer; but by the time Sept. 13 rolls around, the atmosphere will &nbsp;feel a lot like fall. Fortunately, cooler temperatures and a jaw-dropping lineup featuring The Replacements, Rancid, Pixies and The Violent Femmes makes for a stellar combination.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>5. Chicago Music Summit, Sept. 20</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">This <a href="http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/chicago_music_summit.html" target="_blank">first-ever</a>&nbsp;conference, presented by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE), will give Chicagoans the opportunity to learn more about our city&#39;s thriving music scene and connect with industry professionals at the local and national levels. More than 20 panels on a variety of topics will feature 100+ speakers, including representatives from Sony Music Entertainment, Pitchfork and Live Nation.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>6. Try a new restaurant.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">New hotspots opening this season: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/chichopshop" target="_blank">Chop Shop and the 1st Ward</a> (a Bucktown restaurant, bar, music venue and butcher shop combined into one) debuts in mid-September, <a href="http://chicago.eater.com/tags/a10" target="_blank">A10</a> (a European venture from Matthias Merges of Yusho and Billy Sunday) arrives in October and <a href="http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-06-23/features/chi-paul-kahan-and-co-readies-nico-an-italian-seafood-restaurant-in-gold-coast-20130623_1_publican-quality-meats-paul-kahan-curtis-duffy" target="_blank">Eataly</a>&nbsp;(Mario Batali&#39;s megaspace of eight restaurants, a microbrewery and a culinary school) opens its doors in mid-November.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>7. Drive out to the drive-in.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Before the weather gets too cold, bundle up with some blankets, popcorn and good company at the old-timey&nbsp;<a href="http://www.cascadedrivein.com" target="_blank">Cascade Drive-In</a> in West Chicago.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>8. Expo Chicago, Sept. 19-22</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art &mdash; a celebrated arts and culture fest offering tours, artist discussions, special exhibitions and site-specific projects&mdash;will take place over a&nbsp;<a href="http://www.expochicago.com" target="_blank">three-day weekend</a> at Navy Pier, with a &quot;Vernissage&quot; opening night benefit on Thursday. The event will feature 125 galleries representing 17 countries and 36 cities, including London, Zurich, San Francisco, Berlin, New York City, Madrid and Chicago.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>9. Volunteer at 826 Chi.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Help tutor a Chicago student at <a href="http://www.826chi.org/about/" target="_blank">826 Chi</a>,&nbsp;a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting learners ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills. Back-to-school volunteers can choose to help students with their homework after-school, in schools, through events and outreach, on field trips or in conjunction with workshops at 826 and The Boring Store.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>10. Hit up a Subject to Change event.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><a href="https://www.facebook.com/groups/subjecttochangechi/?directed_target_id=0" target="_blank">Subject to Change</a>, an LGBTQ-friendly collective that aims to create &quot;no shame&quot; when it comes to the music they enjoy and the people they care about, holds monthly events at Township to raise funds and awareness for a variety of different community organizations. Past events have included benefits for the Chicago Women&#39;s Health Center, Chicago Books to Women in Prison and Vida SIDA. Keep your calendar open every first Tuesday this fall for more!</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>11. Design Harvest Festival Sept. 28-29</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Chicago&#39;s annual street festival <a href="http://www.design-harvest.com" target="_blank">celebrating home design</a> will feature a myriad of local vendors and antique collectors, &nbsp;as well as family hay rides, pumpkin painting to raise money for a local elementary school, square dancing, cold beer, delicious food and live music programming from The Hideout.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>12. Hang out in a new bar.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Coming soon: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Punch-House/501622639921369" target="_blank">Dusek&#39;s/Punch House</a>&nbsp;in Pilsen&#39;s historic Thalia Hall (mid-September), <a href="http://articles.redeyechicago.com/2013-08-19/entertainment/41426244_1_violet-hour-bartenders-cocktail" target="_blank">Analogue</a>&nbsp;on Milwaukee Ave. (mid-October), and River North comfort food bar <a href="http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/Dining/Dining-Guide/index.php/name/Tippling-Hall/listing/46375/" target="_blank">Tippling Hall</a>&nbsp;(late October).&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>13. Chicago International Film Festival, Oct. 10-24</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Now in its 49th year, CIFF continues its tradition of <a href="http://www.chicagofilmfestival.com/sneak_preview/" target="_blank">bringing exciting new films</a> from more than 55 different countries to Chicago&#39;s main stage. This fall, the lineup includes the much-buzzed documentary &quot;Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me,&quot; the Israeli horror film &quot;Big Bad Wolves&quot; and the 2013 Cannes&#39; Palme d&#39;Or winner &quot;Blue Is The Warmest Color. &quot; &nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>14. Hubbard Street: Fall Series, Oct. 10-13</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">The incredible Hubbard Street dancers have a <a href="http://www.hubbardstreetdance.com/index.php?option=com_k2&amp;view=proditem&amp;id=211:fall-series&amp;Itemid=58" target="_blank">hot ticket</a> for Chicago audiences this year: a diverse and exciting program from choreographers Robyn Mineko Williams, Ohad Naharin, Mats Ek and Alejandro Cerrudo that will feature nods to Michael Jackson, the Paris Opera and &quot;Flashdance.&quot;&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>15. Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Oct. 13</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">If you&#39;re not running that day, bring a sign and cheer on your friends! The <a href="http://www.chicagomarathon.com" target="_blank">marathon</a>&nbsp;has Two Waves that start at 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., respectively, so bring that double-shot pumpkin spice latte with you to the start line.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>16. See a new theater show.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">The must-sees: Joan Allen returns to the Steppenwolf stage for the first time since 1991 in the American premiere of <a href="http://www.timeoutchicago.com/arts-culture/theater/16406291/the-wheel" target="_blank">The Wheel</a>, The Goodman Theatre&#39;s&nbsp;fall season opens in September with&nbsp;<a href="http://www.timeoutchicago.com/arts-culture/theater/16406631/pullman-porter-blues" target="_blank">Pullman Porter Blues</a>, and the Tony-Award winning musical <a href="http://www.timeoutchicago.com/arts-culture/theater/16409076/once" target="_blank">Once</a>&nbsp;arrives&nbsp;at The Oriental for a limited run in October.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>17. Vintage Garage, Sept. 15 and Oct. 20</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Uptown&#39;s <a href="http://www.vintagegaragechicago.com" target="_blank">Vintage Garage</a>, the only monthly flea market in Chicago, presents the best vintage and antique dealers under one roof every third Sunday from April to October. Don&#39;t miss your chance to attend the last two shows of the season: &quot;Vintage Art&quot; on Sept. 15 and &quot;Record Ramp&quot; with the Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) on Oct. 20. &nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>18. Chicago Ideas Week, Oct. 14-20</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">This <a href="https://www.chicagoideas.com" target="_blank">annual hub</a> of creativity, connection and inspiration kicks off Year 4 with a wide assortment of events, master classes, labs and special presentations. An impressive array of speakers includes Buzz Aldrin, Cat Cora, Dan Savage, Elizabeth Smart, Malcolm Gladwell and Terry McMillan.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>19. Search for the best cider.&nbsp;</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&#39;Tis that time of year. For the hard cider fans: Sprout, SmallBar, The Grafton Pub and Kuma&#39;s Corner all have excellent selections.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>20. Third Coast Percussion, Oct. 20</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Since its formation in 2005, <a href="http://www.thirdcoastpercussion.com/about-us/" target="_blank">Third Coast Percussion</a>&nbsp;ensemble has performed hundreds of concerts across the country. This year, TCP will be opening their Chicago concert season with a Frequency Series of &quot;Infinitesimal Machinery&quot; at <a href="http://www.thirdcoastpercussion.com/news-and-events/chicago-concert-season/" target="_blank">Constellation </a>on Oct. 20.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>21. Go on a Zombie Safari Hayride.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Make the trek to Tinley Park for an October weekend of fun, tractors and zombies in the cornfields! Yes, this is really a <a href="http://www.odysseyfunfarm.com/ZOMBIE.html" target="_blank">thing.</a></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>22. Play flag football.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Chicago&nbsp;Bears games are fun and all, but how about tossing the old pigskin in your own backyard? Organize a game of flag or touch football in your neighborhood park, then treat the winning team to beers.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>23. Shop local.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">When scouring the streets for the best fall fashion, don&#39;t forget your local boutiques and online vendors. A few of my favorites: <a href="http://wolfbaitchicago.com" target="_blank">Wolfbait &amp; B-girls</a>, <a href="http://www.sofialivelovely.com" target="_blank">Sofia</a>, <a href="http://shoppenelopes.com" target="_blank">Penelope&#39;s</a>&nbsp;and <a href="http://sarateashop.com" target="_blank">Sara Tea Shop</a>.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>24. Laugh out loud at Pop Goes Alicia Live!</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Every <a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/148783585330469/" target="_blank">first Tuesday</a> at The Hideout until November, join host Alicia Swiz and a rotating panel of local writers, comedians and activists discussing the latest in pop culture and buzzworthy current events.</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>25. Step back in time to the 1893 Fair.&nbsp;</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Head to the Field Musuem on Oct. 26 for the Women&#39;s Board Gala in celebration of a sure-to-be <a href="http://fieldmuseum.org/happening/exhibits/opening-vaults-wonders-1893-worlds-fair" target="_blank">stunning</a> new exhibition: &quot;Opening the Vaults: Wonders of 1893&#39;s World Fair.&quot;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>26. Check out a new band.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">The gargantuan music fests of summer have come and gone (until we meet again, Walmart on the Lake), but never fear. <em>Time Out Chicago</em> has an excellent list of <a href="http://www.timeoutchicago.com/music-nightlife/16397136/10-new-bands-to-see-this-fall" target="_blank">rising acts </a>to fall in love with this fall: from Jenny Hyval at the Empty Bottle to Water Liars at Schubas to Lucius at Lincoln Hall.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>27. Rubber Fest, Nov. 8-9</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><a href="http://mirubber.com" target="_blank">Mr. Interntional Rubber</a>&nbsp;(MIR) is a rubber-fetish event that includes cocktail parties, a rubber/leather market and awards at the Center on Halsted. Go get your kink on, if you feel so inclined.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>28. Beer Hoptacular, Nov. 8-9</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">If rubber is not your thing, attend Chicago&#39;s Fourth Annual <a href="http://beerhoptacular.com" target="_blank">Beer Hoptacular</a>&nbsp;at Lacuna Artist Loft Studios in Pilsen instead. Make sure to stick around for the best Hoptacular beer of the year (2012 winner: 5 Lizard from Bedford, Illinois)</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>29. Find the best pie.</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">During the autumnal months, a seasonal slice of delectable pumpkin or hot apple pie really hits the spot. Take refuge at Bang Bang Pie Shop, Hoosier Mama Company or First Slice Pie Cafe to satisfy your every craving.&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><strong>30. Christmas Tree Lighting at Daley Plaza, Nov. 27</strong></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">Watch Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the tree donor flip the switch at Chicago&#39;s 100th Annual <a href="http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/provdrs/attractions_eventsandexhibitions/news/2012/sep/christmas_tree_lightingandulsantahousekickofftheholidays.html" target="_blank">Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony</a>, accompanied by live music and performances at Daley Plaza. And say, &quot;Goodbye fall, I hardly knew ye.&quot;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image ">What would you add to this list?</div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div><div class="image-insert-image "><em>Leah Pickett is a pop culture writer and co-host of WBEZ&#39;s&nbsp;<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wbezs-changing-channels/id669715774?mt=2">Changing Channels,</a>&nbsp;a podcast about the future of television. Follow Leah on&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/leahkristinepickett" target="_blank">Facebook</a>,&nbsp;<a href="https://twitter.com/leahkpickett" target="_blank">Twitter</a>&nbsp;and<a href="http://hermionehall.tumblr.com/" target="_blank">&nbsp;Tumblr</a>.</em></div><div class="image-insert-image ">&nbsp;</div></p> Thu, 05 Sep 2013 08:00:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blogs/leah-pickett/2013-09/30-things-do-chicago-fall-108606 Daily Rehearsal: Will Eno gets a big chunk of cash http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-09-19/daily-rehearsal-will-eno-gets-big-chunk-cash-92158 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/photo/2011-May/2011-05-05/323.th_.th_.op_.WillEnoNEW2.jpg" alt="" /><p><p><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-September/2011-09-19/GNR.jpg" style="margin: 10px; float: right; width: 165px; height: 206px;" title=""><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="font-family: georgia,serif;"><strong>1. <a href="http://stage773.squarespace.com/Now-Playing"><em>Gretchen and Regina</em></a> is still running at Stage 773</strong></span></span>&nbsp;on Tuesdays through early next week. What's it about? "Take one part bratty drunk, add 1 part fumbling lesbian, mix with a generous amount of alcohol and you have the embarrassingly funny novelty folk duo Gretchen and Regina. The uncomfortable hilarity of this duo, otherwise known as Hilary Williams and Emily Claiborne, dominates the audience with the feeling of awkwardly watching the two uninvited drunkards at the party." Or I could like...go to a party...but this is good too!</p><p><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="font-family: georgia,serif;"><strong>2. Remember when the<em> <a href="http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-09-09/daily-rehearsal-yo-joe-brings-favorite-figure-theater-91746">Sun-Times</a></em></strong></span></span><a href="http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-09-09/daily-rehearsal-yo-joe-brings-favorite-figure-theater-91746"><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="font-family: georgia,serif;"><strong> covered</strong></span></span><em> Love, Lost and What I Wore</em></a> by asking Theater Critic Hedy Weiss to write about hers? Someone else loved it! Zac Thompson from the <em>Reader</em> <a href="http://foolsgoldcoast.typepad.com/fools_gold_coast/2011/09/chicago-fun-times.html">writes</a>&nbsp;(on his personal blog), "I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this piece of journalism...is the best thing that has ever happened to me." He also throws out a few future column possibilities, like, "Is Hedy Weiss Interested in Sharing an Egg Cream with Me and Talking about Cute Boys?" and "How Come Whenever a Cell Phone Rings during a Play, Hedy Weiss Glares at Me as Though I Am Responsible? Or Am I Imagining Things?"</p><p><span style="font-family: georgia,serif;"><span style="font-size: 14px;"><strong>3. A <a href="http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/stage/7259682-421/fall-dance-preview-big-steps-forward-for-chicago-scene.html">dance preview</a> for the fall season</strong></span></span> includes the usuals -- Hubbard Street, River North, Luna Negra, and Merce Cunningham. But we've also got Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago and Chicago Dance Crash.</p><p><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-May/2011-05-05/323.th_.th_.op_.WillEnoNEW2.jpg" style="margin: 10px; float: left; width: 373px; height: 250px;" title=""><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="font-family: georgia,serif;"><strong>4. An interview with <em>The Vibrator Play</em> director </strong></span></span>Sandy Shinner reveals some historical fun facts about the true story behind women being treated for hysteria. Bonus points to an amazing question on <a href="http://www.avclub.com/chicago/articles/sandy-shinner-director-of-in-the-next-room-or-the,61088/">behalf of <em>The A.V. Club</em></a>: &nbsp;"And since vibrators require electricity of some kind, does the play also address the dawning modern age?"</p><p><span style="font-size: 14px;"><span style="font-family: georgia,serif;"><strong>5. Will Eno, the beloved writer of <em>Middletown</em></strong></span></span>, is part of a <a href="http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/19/five-playwrights-named-in-signature-theater-initiative-to-stage-new-works/?smid=tw-nytimesarts&amp;seid=auto">new residency program</a> at Signature Theater Initiative. It grants each writer three productions over five years,&nbsp;$50,000, stipends to help pay for all that theater, and health insurance.&nbsp;</p><p>Questions? Tips? Email <a href="mailto:kdries@wbez.org">kdries@wbez.org</a>.</p></p> Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:31:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/onstagebackstage/2011-09-19/daily-rehearsal-will-eno-gets-big-chunk-cash-92158 Exploring the historic connection between Chicago and Libya http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-04-05/exploring-historic-connection-between-chicago-and-libya-84761 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/segment/photo/2011-April/2011-04-05/Getty Franco Origlia.jpg" alt="" /><p><p>On April 5, 1986, Libyan agents bombed a Berlin disco frequented by U.S. soldiers. Two Americans were killed and more than 50 servicemen were injured. Several days later President Ronald Reagan ordered a series of airstrikes on Libya.<br> <br> The U.S. has a long and complex history with Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi. But what's not well known is the connection between Chicago and Libya.</p><p>WBEZ’s Natalie Moore wrote about Chicago’s connection to Libya in her new book, <a href="http://www.blackstonebook.com/" target="_blank"><em>The Almighty Black P. Stone Nation: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of An American Gang.</em></a> She joined <em>Eight Forty-Eight</em> to talk about it.</p><p>On April 14, Moore and co-author <a href="http://www.blackstonebook.com/about.html" target="_blank">Lance Williams</a> will discuss the book at <a href="http://www.roosevelt.edu/Home/Event%20Details.aspx?id=%7B295577C7-C8C8-4E78-A283-A9FA98CB480C%7D" target="_blank">Roosevelt University Library</a>.</p></p> Tue, 05 Apr 2011 13:50:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-04-05/exploring-historic-connection-between-chicago-and-libya-84761 The Weekly Guide: Natalie Moore's picks http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-03-04/weekly-guide-natalie-moores-picks-83332 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/maria&#039;s packaged goods.jpg" alt="" /><p><p>Most of <em>Eight Forty-Eight's</em> guests for <a href="http://www.wbez.org/series/weeklyguide"><em>The Weekly Guide</em></a> are pretty well-rounded. When Natalie Moore isn&rsquo;t reporting on Chicago&rsquo;s South Side, she&rsquo;s writing books, signing books, or sometimes teaching or mentoring.<br /><br />In other words, her work card is full! So to figure out how she manages to squeeze a little fun into all that work, <em>Eight Forty-Eight</em> Alison Cuddy talked with Moore to share her plans for the weekend. <br /><br />Natalie Moore's latest book is <em>The Almighty Black P Stone Nation: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of an American Gang.</em></p><p><br /><strong>Nat<em>a</em>lie's list for the weekend:</strong><br /><br /><strong>Friday, March 4</strong>: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.grnnamdi.com/dynamic/exhibit.asp?eventTypeID=3">&quot;The Shaping of Black America&quot; </a><br /><br /><strong>Saturday, March 5</strong><span style="font-weight: bold;">:</span>: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.steppenwolf.org/boxoffice/productions/index.aspx?id=513"><em><br /><br />Samuel J. and K </em></a>at Steppenwolf Theatre Company<br /><br />Bilal at <a target="_blank" href="http://www.theshrinechicago.com/shows.php">The Shrine </a><br /><br /><strong>Sunday, March 6:<br /></strong><a target="_blank" href="http://community-bar.com/">Maria&rsquo;s Packaged Goods and Community Bar</a></p></p> Fri, 04 Mar 2011 14:06:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/episode-segments/2011-03-04/weekly-guide-natalie-moores-picks-83332 Friday Foodie Forecast: The harvest season http://www.wbez.org/blog/steve-dolinsky/friday-foodie-forecast-harvest-season <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/photo/2010-November/2010-11-05/dolinsky.png" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: left;">As Thanksgiving approaches and the weather gets colder, it's time to enjoy your favorite seasonal flavors. From spiced cider to sweet potato pecan pie, this week's forecast highlights the flavors of autumn.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><img height="320" width="500" alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2010-November/2010-11-04/Picture 1.png" /></p><p><strong>Charcuterie and Beer Dinner</strong></p><p><a href="http://www.balsanrestaurant.com/">Balsan</a> at Elysian Hotel is celebrating the harvest season with a special charcuterie and beer dinner on Monday, November 8 at 7 p.m. Diners will sample a whole suckling pig and pork pie, as well as growlers (64 oz. containers) of Warrenville's Two Brothers Brewery's French Country Ale and Cane &amp; Abel beers. For a sweet finish to the night, attendees will enjoy spiced cider and molasses cookies for dessert. To reserve your spot for this $29 dinner, call 312-646-1400.</p><p><strong>Thanksgiving Pie Pre-Orders from Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stonea Crab</strong></p><p><a href="http://www.joes.net">J</a><a href="http://www.joes.net/">oe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab</a> has begun taking pre-orders for its $29.95 holiday pies. Choose from a variety of flavors such as old-fashioned apple pie, pumpkin chiffon or sweet potato pecan. What's even sweeter is that Joe's will donate a dollar for each pie purchased until the end of 2010 to The Greater Chicago Food Depository. To reserve your pie, call 312-379-5637.</p><p><strong>Turkeys To Go at Smoke Daddy</strong></p><p>Instead of babysitting the big bird all day this Thanksgiving, why not pick up an already prepared smoked turkey? Smoke Daddy is offering full smoked turkeys at $4.95 per pound, and each turkey weights about 12 pounds. In addition, you can purchase pulled turkey and cornbread stuffing. To place your order, call 773-773-6656 before November 19. All orders will be available on or before Wednesday, November 24 at Smoke Daddy, 1804 W. Divison St. For more details, visit <a href="http://www.thesmokedaddy.com">www.thesmokedaddy.com</a><b><span style="font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;">.</span></b></p><p><b><span style="font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;">- </span></b><em><span style="font-family: &quot;Georgia&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;;">Samantha Rollins</span></em></p></p> Thu, 04 Nov 2010 21:20:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/steve-dolinsky/friday-foodie-forecast-harvest-season