WBEZ | CityRoom video http://www.wbez.org/tags/cityroom-video Latest from WBEZ Chicago Public Radio en CityRoom video: Staking out Blagojevich's house http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-12-08/cityroom-video-staking-out-blagojevichs-house-94715 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2011-December/2011-12-08/blagoscrum.jpg" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe allowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/33315484?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" webkitallowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" width="500"></iframe></p><p>As former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich counts down the days until he begins serving his 14-year prison sentence, the Chicago media is left looking for new story leads. I think we're unlikely to come up with anything as compelling and unpredictable as this story has been in the three years since Blagojevich was first arrested.</p><p>Yesterday WBEZ reporter Alex Keefe and I spent two hours staking out the Blagojevich residence in the Ravenswood Manor neighorhood of Chicago. It felt like a long time, but paled in comparison to the 12 hours some of the television news crews spent there by the time it was all done.</p><p>I've been in the thick of it on many of the craziest days in the saga. <a href="http://www.wbez.org/blog/justin-kaufmann/2011-12-07/brief-video-history-wbezs-blog-coverage-all-things-blagojevich-94684">Yesterday Justin Kaufmann posted every video we've made over the past three years</a> that relate to Blagojevich.</p><p>The residential stake-out is a lot different than <a href="../../2011-06-28/cityroom-video-inside-media-pit-blagojevich-verdict-88455">the scene at the courthouse</a> <a href="../../../../agill/2010/08/video-behind-the-scene-of-the-blagojevich-verdict/34342">during the verdicts</a>. In general there was more camaraderie and good-will between media competitors than I'd previously experienced. It may have been the cold weather, but I think it had something to do with this long saga finally coming to a close.</p></p> Thu, 08 Dec 2011 14:52:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-12-08/cityroom-video-staking-out-blagojevichs-house-94715 Chicagoans, politicians pay last respects to Chicago’s former First Lady Maggie Daley http://www.wbez.org/content/chicagoans-politicians-pay-last-respects-chicago%E2%80%99s-former-first-lady-maggie-daley <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//story/photo/2011-November/2011-11-27/photo-2.JPG" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe allowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/32756364?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0" webkitallowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="338" width="601"></iframe></p><p>Sunday’s memorial service for Chicago’s former first lady Maggie Daley drew hundreds of visitors. Many stood in line for hours outside the Chicago Cultural Center. Dignitaries were quickly whisked in except for one.</p><p>Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin didn’t have to wait in line in the rain like everyone else.&nbsp; But he did and didn’t make a big deal out of it.</p><p>“That’s just the way I do things,” Durbin told WBEZ. &nbsp;</p><p>Durbin says he has many memories of Maggie Daley.</p><p>He shared one in particular with me.</p><p>Durbin took out his cell phone to show a shot when Mrs. Daley and her family, including her husband and former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, and her grandchildren attending services on St. Patrick’s Day last March at Old St. Patrick’s Church.</p><p>Mrs. Daley is sitting down on the pew while her grandchildren surround her.</p><p>“This is what kept her going. This whole love that she had for her family and that she gave back to them,” Durbin said.</p><p>Old St. Patrick’s Church is where a funeral Mass will be said this morning (Monday) for Mrs. Daley.</p><p>The 68-year-old Maggie Daley died on Thanksgiving Day after a nine-year battle with breast cancer.</p><p>On Sunday, hundreds turned out for a public memorial for Mrs. Daley at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Preston Bradley Hall.</p><p>Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was among the first to arrive at the center.</p><p>Inside the Hall, the Daley family, including Richard M. Daley, stood near the casket which was draped in white flowers.</p><p>Maggie Daley is being remembered for her dedication to the arts and the city’s youth.</p><p>Some 20 years ago, Maggie Daley helped found what would become the nationally known After School Matters program.</p><p>It provides artistic, athletic and academic activities for thousands of Chicago youth.</p><p>Tony Lee participated in some of those activities, which is why he arrived to the Chicago Cultural Center to say goodbye to Maggie Daley.</p><p>“After School Matters gave us a reason to find a better future,” Lee said.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p></p> Mon, 28 Nov 2011 03:40:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/content/chicagoans-politicians-pay-last-respects-chicago%E2%80%99s-former-first-lady-maggie-daley CityRoom video: Inside the media pit at the Blagojevich verdict http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-06-28/cityroom-video-inside-media-pit-blagojevich-verdict-88455 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2011-June/2011-06-28/Image1.jpg" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/25722004?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" frameborder="0" height="281" width="500"></iframe></p><p>Chicago's news media just got their summer back. That's something I overheard countless newspaper reporters, TV anchors and camera operators say at the Dirksen Federal courthouse on Monday. We've all been holding our breath, ready to deploy the moment <a href="http://www.wbez.org/story/jury-finds-blagojevich-guilty-17-20-counts-88338">the verdict in former Governor Rod Blagojevich's retrial came back</a>.</p><p>Of course, most of us were <a href="http://www.wbez.org/agill/2010/08/video-behind-the-scene-of-the-blagojevich-verdict/34342">in the Federal building lobby last August</a> for Blagojevich's first verdict. We saw this verdict as an opportunity to refine our approach from last year. I put a wireless microphone on WBEZ reporter Tony Arnold and followed him with a camera for the latest in our <a href="http://www.wbez.org/content-categories/89566">CityRoom video series</a>. While this video lacks <a href="http://www.wbez.org/agill/2010/08/video-behind-the-scene-of-the-blagojevich-verdict/34342">the flair of Sam Adam Jr. and Sr.</a>, it does include a lot of insights and details from Tony.</p></p> Tue, 28 Jun 2011 18:02:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-06-28/cityroom-video-inside-media-pit-blagojevich-verdict-88455 CityRoom video: Covering Rahm's inauguration live http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-05-18/cityroom-video-covering-rahms-inauguration-live-86721 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2011-May/2011-05-18/cityroominauguration.jpg" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/23925318?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" width="501" frameborder="0" height="282"></iframe></p><p>Monday Chicago inaugurated its first new mayor in 22 years. Plenty of ink has been spilled over the significance of this event, but you may not realize what a big deal it was for local media.</p><p>On WBEZ radio we devoted 3 hours of airtime to the festivities, including a live anchored broadcast from Millennium Park. That may not seem like a difficult task, but in public media we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality programming more efficiently than our commercial counterparts. Therefore, we have no remote van or satellite hook-up and rely heavily on the ingenuity of our engineers to make things work.</p><p>Monday morning our engineers got to Millennium Park to find that the audio connection we'd rented for the day was set up wrong, forcing them to find an alternative on the fly. Add to that the truncated schedule the Emanuel administration announced late Sunday night and a lot of details were in flux. The person responsible for keeping all of this straight was News Desk Editor Ammad Omar. I was in the park with him on Monday and shot this video of him in action.</p><p>&nbsp;</p></p> Wed, 18 May 2011 19:16:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-05-18/cityroom-video-covering-rahms-inauguration-live-86721 CityRoom video: Rhymefest, the challenger http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-04-08/cityroom-video-rhymefest-challenger-84922 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2011-April/2011-04-08/rhymefest.jpg" alt="" /><p><p><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/22096844?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" frameborder="0" height="281" width="500"></iframe></p><p>As <a href="http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-04-06/cityroom-video-election-night-remember-starring-berny-stone-84845">our video with Berny Stone</a> documented his political career winding down, this video shows Che “Rhymefest” Smith working to get his started.</p><p>Smith lost his bid for alderman of the 20th&nbsp;ward to the current alderman, Willie Cochran, in a runoff election Tuesday night. But as you can see from this video, the atmosphere among individuals gathered at Smith’s campaign headquarters – a car wash on 58th&nbsp;and South State Street – was anything but defeated. Smith’s campaign energized an eclectic group of volunteers. While he passed out homemade “thank you” gifts to them Tuesday, it was evident that this was not the end…only the beginning in a promising second act for the acclaimed rapper-activist.</p><p>And <a href="http://www.wbez.org/story/20th-ward/che-rhymefest-smith-vows-election-challenge-84796">as Natalie Moore first reported</a>, Smith vowed to challenge the results of the election.</p><p>But win or lose – Rhymefest seems to say here – there “ain’t no stopping us now.”</p></p> Fri, 08 Apr 2011 16:16:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-04-08/cityroom-video-rhymefest-challenger-84922 New White Sox organist is simply divine http://www.wbez.org/story/culture/art/new-white-sox-organist-simply-divine-84850 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//story/photo/2011-April/2011-04-06/IMG_4606.JPG" alt="" /><p><p>The Chicago Cubs opened their home schedule last week, Thursday it’s the South Siders’ turn. White Sox fans will see some new players at U.S. Cellular Field, but they might hear a new member of the team, too.&nbsp; The team has a new organist who hopes to attract some divine intervention to the White Sox.</p><p>It wasn’t your typical Mass at Our Lady of Knock Catholic Church in south suburban Calumet City. This past Sunday there was the priest, the altar boys, and the customary sacred music. But many parishioners were decked out in black and white jackets emblazoned with the Chicago White Sox logo. They were giving it up for God, but also honoring the woman who sets the mood.<br> <br> SCOETTLE: We couldn’t be more proud of her.<br> <br> This is Jeff Schoettle, and he’s talking about the organist you hear: Lori Moreland.&nbsp;Sunday was a celebration here, because the White Sox called Moreland up to the big leagues.&nbsp;The team recently hired her to play organ for home games at U.S. Cellular Field.<br> <br> SCHOETTLE: We’re looking forward to opening day and celebrating in our temple here of God and also our temple on the South Side.<br> <br> Moreland can help Our Lady of Knock carry mass, but what about at U.S. Cellular Field?&nbsp;Well, she says her church experience has prepped her for a new calling.<br> <br> MORELAND: It keeps me calm. It keeps me focused and centered because I know it’s going to be crazy the next couple of days and the excitement is going to be unreal and I’m going to be a little nervous. Hopefully I can go and deep breath a little bit and do a really good job which is what I want to do.<br> <br> <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/21995247?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" frameborder="0" height="338" width="601"></iframe></p><p>At the White Sox organist both, Moreland tells me she does not expect this new gig to be a breeze. She’s practiced for weeks, and she’s gotten musical suggestions from her two teenage sons.&nbsp;</p><p>MORELAND: I am really trying to expand my repertoire. I’ve got some Katy Perry going on. I’ve got some Oasis, a little Eminem, Bon Jovi … so trying to keep up to date with that stuff too.<br> <br> Moreland doesn’t take all the credit for getting this far. She says a friend nudged her to try out.<br> <br> MORELAND: She knew that auditions were still being held and that she thought that I should try out for it. At first, I thought she was joking but then I thought it might be fun to do that.<br> <br> Moreland submitted her resume along with a video.&nbsp;And at her audition, she played pop tunes and Sox standards ….<br> <br> ORGAN MUSIC: (”Kiss Him Goodbye”)<br> <br> From the Sox perspective, it was important that that team get someone who was more than just an organist.&nbsp;Nicole Manning is senior director of game operations for the White Sox.<br> <br> MANNING: You really have to fit in. The place where our organist sits is right amongst the fans. And so, the door is open, fans stop by, they make requests. So, you’ve got to be able to be on your game. You’ve got to be able to watch the game. And, then you’ve got to be able to talk and be friendly with the fans.<br> <br> The Sox had that kind of relationship with their previous organist.&nbsp;Long-time fans might recall Nancy Faust played games for more than forty years.&nbsp;That was a big role to fill, but Manning says Moreland has the right combination of talent and showmanship.&nbsp;And it doesn’t hurt that Moreland’s played at her Cal City church for the last three years.<br> <br> MANNING: First and foremost, she’s an amazing organist. She’s got great charisma. She’s warm and friendly. Very into sports, very into the White Sox and it just seem like a natural fit for us as organization as well as for our fans.<br> <br> So what will it be like for Moreland to sit at the organ and pick ballpark tunes instead of Amazing Grace?&nbsp;She says the transition won’t be too difficult.<br> <br> MORELAND: My background is in sacred music however my background where I started out with is in pop and theater organ just like you’re seeing here. So, it’s kind of like coming back home again.<br> <br> Moreland says, besides, maybe it’s good that she can dig into her bag of sacred music once in a while.&nbsp;Think of it … right after a big Sox play … .<br> <br> ORGAN MUSIC: ("Hallelujah!")<br> <br> And with the way the White Sox bullpen has pitched this week, the team might need all the help it can get at today’s home opener.</p><p>ORGAN MUSIC: ("Take Me Out to the Ballgame”)</p><p>Additional fun facts about Lori Moreland:</p><ul><li>No relation to Keith Moreland, the Cubs new radio announcer on WGN.</li><li>She will only play day games at U.S. Cellular Field.</li><li>She will continue to play at Our Lady of Knock in Calumet City, Illinois.</li></ul></p> Thu, 07 Apr 2011 01:12:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/story/culture/art/new-white-sox-organist-simply-divine-84850 CityRoom video: An election night to remember (starring Berny Stone) http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-04-06/cityroom-video-election-night-remember-starring-berny-stone-84845 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//story/photo/2011-April/2011-04-06/P1000355.JPG" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/22048722?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" frameborder="0" height="281" width="500"></iframe></p><p>For all the hoopla over Daley's era ending, a longer tenure will end when Berny Stone leaves office this year. Though the stature of the office is smaller, you could argue that the drama is greater due to Stone's age (83) and unwillingness to resign his post. Even as he conceded defeat on Tuesday he was steadfast that he was the right man for the job. He told the cameras, "I feel sorry for the ward."</p><p>Stone also embodies an old school style of local politics that relies heavily on precinct captians and boots on the ground. As results came in on Tuesday, Stone stood in one corner of a crowded room personally examining the results from each precinct as they were hand-delivered and freely spoke his mind to the assembled media. It seemed a world apart from many candidates who hide up in hotel rooms and limit media access until the outcome of the race is determined.</p><p>Regardless of his politics, Stone is a true character. Let's hope someone can fill his (entertaining) shoes.</p><p>With this video, we continue <a href="http://www.wbez.org/content-categories/89566">our occasional web-series "City Room"</a> where we follow our WBEZ City Room staff in action. This episode is set against the backdrop of the aldermanic runoff in the 50th ward, and follows our North Side Bureau Reporter Odette Yousef at Berny Stone's headquarters.&nbsp;</p><p>We set out to report on an election and we were witness to Chicago political history. Tuesday April 5th, 2011, Berny Stone was voted out of office. This video documents that moment.</p></p> Wed, 06 Apr 2011 21:40:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-04-06/cityroom-video-election-night-remember-starring-berny-stone-84845 Video: Chicago's election night celebrations http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-02-24/video-chicagos-election-night-celebrations-82838 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//Carrie Austin 34th Ward - Bill Healy.jpg" alt="" /><p><p><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2011-February/2011-02-24/Carrie Austin 34th Ward - Bill Healy.jpg" align="left" border="1" height="200" hspace="7" vspace="5" width="300">It's often been said that Chicago is a City of Neighborhoods - a city comprised of the traditions, cultures and characters of its many ethnic communities.&nbsp;</p><p>Nowhere was that culture on better display than on election night Tuesday in the city's 50 wards. Unlike the huge celebration in Grant Park following Obama's election, this week's parties took place in the Wards where people live.</p><p>This year was an historic one for aldermanic races.&nbsp; All but seven wards had contested elections as 240 candidates competed for seats on the City Council.</p><p>But the stories and images of these races rarely made it into the election night media coverage.</p><p>So as the television cameras trained their spotlights on Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and his opponents, we sent our camera crews out to canvas the wards in search of election night parties for the various aldermanic candidates.</p><p>The result?&nbsp; An amazing, behind-the-scene glimpse of politics, community, ethnicity and humanity in Chicago today.</p><p>Think of it as a video time capsule of Chicago-style politics, circa 2011.</p><p><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/20344201?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" frameborder="0" height="338" width="601"></iframe></p><p>Photo: Carrie Austin, 34th Ward Alderman. (WBEZ/Bill Healy)</p><p>Video: Sean Aucoin, Spencer Bagley, Andrew Gill, Bill Healy, Emily Wilensky, Samuel Vega.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p></p> Thu, 24 Feb 2011 15:49:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-02-24/video-chicagos-election-night-celebrations-82838 CityRoom video: Wisconsin lawmakers in exile http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-02-18/cityroom-video-wisconsin-lawmakers-exile-82565 <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//WIexile_0.jpg" alt="" /><p><p>The drama playing out right now within the Wisconsin legislature is what newshounds live for. There's a meaty political issue to research, there are people in the streets protesting in Madison, but the most exciting part is all the lawmakers on the lam. <a href="http://www.wbez.org/story/wisconsin-lawmakers-remain-lam-chicago">14 Democrats are currently hiding in Illinois</a> to keep the controversial law from coming up for a vote.</p><p>Earlier this afternoon our morning news producer Alex Keefe got in contact with one of them in Chicago. I tagged along to document the rendezvous with State Sen. Jon Erpenbach, of Middleton, Wisconsin. Enjoy.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/20122166?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=b30000" frameborder="0" height="337" width="599"></iframe></p></p> Fri, 18 Feb 2011 23:29:00 -0600 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-02-18/cityroom-video-wisconsin-lawmakers-exile-82565 Video: Election night at WBEZ http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/video-election-night-wbez <img typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://llnw.wbez.org//blog/photo/2010-November/2010-11-05/electionnight.jpg" alt="" /><p><p style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" src="http://llnw.wbez.org/blog/insert-image/2010-November/2010-11-05/electionnight.jpg" style="width: 486px; height: 273px;" title=""></p><p style="text-align: left;">On Tuesday night, WBEZ and wbez.org went wall-to-wall with coverage of the 2010 mid-term elections. Our web traffic was through the roof (highest ever) and our on-air programming was outstanding.</p><p>You want to see what it looked like in a snappy video produced and edited by Samuel Vega? It's worth it to watch Steve Edwards coughing, Tony Sarabia scrambling and Jason Marck undressing.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/16516044?title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&amp;color=c9000a" frameborder="0" height="338" width="600"></iframe></p></p> Fri, 05 Nov 2010 14:21:00 -0500 http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/video-election-night-wbez